Codeine Phosphate put onto repeat prescriptions?

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Hi all.

I saw my GP this morning as I've been in a lot of pain recently because of the OA, bursitis and fibromyalgia. I've been trying to cope with paracetamol daily and co-codamol 8/500 occasionally, but was concerned about the co-codamol causing constipation.

So, she's given me Codeine Phosphate 15mg - and I can add paracetamol to this if necessary - and Docusate to take at night. So, total flexibility to take or not depending on how I am, which I really like.

However, she's only given me a month's supply. I've read the info on the box of the Codeine Phosphate and it says if taken for a long time can cause addiction. I was thinking that, if it worked well, I would ask if it could be put on my repeat prescriptions, but seeing that it's addictive, maybe it isn't put on repeats?

Does anyone else take this combination? Any advice?



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    Hello Megrose, it's nice to see your name on here again. I don't have separate codeine and paracetamol, I have 30/500 cocdamol on repeat and have had for years.

    I think the key word is 'can' cause addiction not that it will. I deal with the constipation side of things by eating prunes (I estimate three per coco capsule is effective), adding seeds to plain yoghurt and drinking plenty of fluids, as a result it's no longer an issue. I ration my intake of the dullers so that I have room to increase for the rougher times, my usual interval between doses is between six and twelve hours. I can boost to eight capsules per day but very rarely do: and if more dulling is required then I alternate at five hourly intervals with ordinary paracetamol. DD
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    Hi Megarose,My hubby has codeine phosphate for his OA but only takes them when really bad which is about once a week, it was put on prescription so it can be done.Good luck with it.
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    I think it's quite normal to prescribe a month's worth of any medication before putting it on repeat. It does make sense as it might not help. I'm sure that, if it's helping, your doc will be happy to issue repeat prescriptions. I think you're well aware of the dangers of addiction, megrose, and won't fall into that trap.

    The thinking behind issuing the codeine and the paracetamol separately is that it gives you more flexibility than the coco combination. I do hope they help but, if they do, be sure to contact your surgery re repeat prescriptions before they run out.
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    Thank you everybody for your extremely helpful replies. As is usually the case, I don't feel too bad today, after two weeks of the pain really getting me down. Your explanation of how you take your painkillers - and how many prunes you need for each one - was very useful, DD, so thanks for that.

    I'm going to see how I go with the Codeine Phosphate and, hopefully, will only need to take it occasionally, as your hubby, Mig. I'm off down to London next weekend to the Anglo-Saxon Exhibition at the British Library, so I know there will be lots of walking and standing. I'll be taking my new sparkly stick with me!

    I'll definitely get in touch with the surgery to ask them to go onto my repeats if I find they suit me, Sticky.

    Thank you all again. I always know you're going to be so helpful and it's much appreciated.