Leg giving way

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Hi, I'm having a difficult day today. I have OA in my spine and neck as well as hips and hands. Today my right hip, which is the most painful, keeps crumpling under me and a pain shoots down my leg. My leg goes inwards and I feel I'm going to fall. I nearly did just now but managed to grab a chair back and keep my balance. It only lasts a few seconds, although my leg is stiffer and more painful than usual. I can't think of anything I've done to cause this. I've also got a pain in the very top of my chest which hurts like a pulled muscle, when I move. Luckily, I have an appointment on the 8th to see my GP but it seems a long time! Has anyone had this? I feel so fed up and want to do more. Sorry, I'm moaning again! Love Sue


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    Hi Sue
    I have OA in my back and hips,and yes my left hip just goes on me now and then, I also get the pain down my leg, but the last time i coudnt get rid of it,my consultant says its sciatica coming from my spine, but Im not convinced.
    I hope it eases for you soon
    Barbara x
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    Hi sue

    I hope this problem of your leg giving way stops.
    I have a problem with my left knee doing that every so often, I think it is because I put most of my weight on that side as my other leg is false.
    The other day my false leg gave way , I seemed to get a muscle spasm in my stump and i was nearly on the floor. Luckily oh was there to grab me.

    I hope your gp can explain why.
    Be careful
    Juliepf x
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    have you any heat in joint i get this when i have inflimation in knee doing it at min chest does it as well not give way but where rib joins sturnum becomes inflamed i hope things better soon val
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    Hi Sue

    Sorry you are having a tough day there. Sounds a little scary so I hope you can rest and that the GP can help on the 8th. I know I sometimes feel my knees are going to give out and it really does make you feel a little panicked as to the what if's?. Take care and I hope you are feeling a little better tomorrow.
    Leaving some gentle hugs ((( )))
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    Hi Sue,
    Sorry to hear you are having pain....I have OA in my hips and lower spine {neck and ankle as well LOL} but every now and then my hip gives way....haven't actually gone down but feel as if I am....I've been told the pain is sciatica as well but not sure.
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    Thank you for the replies, it is scary when you think you'll fall. I've had it when I've been watching TV and sat for too long, but this has been every twist and turn, and the chest thing is painful, although I'm certain its far too high to be my heart and its a muscle type pain, but very sharp.

    I'll stop moaning now. I think I'll have write a list for the doc or I'll forget everything! I've just had a lie down and that seems to have helped. I don't often do that, well, I try not to but sometimes I think it helps to relax and sort of straighten out the body. :eek: Thanks all, love Sue xxx
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    HI Sue

    Yes, I had that leg giving way thing when I had a major deterioration in my old hip 2 years ago. It got that it was doing it many times a day and I never knew exactly when it was going to happen. I lost quite a bit of confidence for walking - I was always frightened of having a bad fall - so that was one of the reasons why I started to use two walking sticks..

    Anyway, that's all behind me now - it's the first anniversary of my hip replacement this Thursday actually - and everything is great with that new hip now.

    My sister's leg has just started giving way now - she is on the waiting list for having her hip replaced sometime this summer..

    I can't help with the chest pain, only that sometimes if I have been 'scrunching my shoulders together' when using the laptop for any length of time I get a muscular pain in my chest.

    Have ypu had any x-rays of your hips recently Sue?? It might be worth asking your GP to send you for x-rays, so you know what you are up against..

    Marion x
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    Hello Sue, sorry to hear about your leg problem, and pain in your chest. I have been falling over for a number of years - sometimes I manage to hit a wall or catch a hold of something - someone lol before I actually hit the ground. Last year I was given injections in my back to try and make me ' more stable ' - they did not work and I have not been 'right' since having them done - in fact I am now feeling worse than I have ever felt. I have a permanent wobble, have been using elbow crutches for many years now. I have been told nothing can be done for my back - other joints can be replaced as and when.

    It really is an awful feeling and I do feel for you, I hope your visit to your GP can bring some kind help with this. I feel more worried about it as I am getting older because I fear breaking something when I go down.

    I can't say what it is that gives way with me - hip or knee - I just go down, and the medics put it down to the OA in my spine.

    Hope this may be just a temporary blip with you and not something you are going to have to live with.

    Do take care...........fudge........
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    Hi Sue
    Yes I have a problem with my right hip I posted about it a couple of weeks ago, I have cervical and lumbar spondylosis - I get a shooting pain at the front of my hip and it is so painful I can't put my foot to the floor comes and goes without explanation very suddenly.
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    Yes, I have a problem with my legs giving way suddenly, especially if I am tired. It is horrible and really knocks your confidence. Make sure you mention it to your gp when you go.

    Have you been referred to OT, they can put aids around the house to help prevent falls.

    I hope your gp is able to help you.

    Take care
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    Hello Thank you for all the replies. I think that I'll have to take my stick out whenever I go out. Also my other hip is hurting a little recently, I suppose it gets more work to do! I find the frightening thing is that you don't know when its going to happen, so it saps the confidence a bit, going out alone. Not that I've fallen over! I've had a mild version of it when I've sat for too long, but this comes more often and without warning.

    I'm not going to moan any more, well not today, hopefull! :wink: Lots of love Suexxx
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    Hi Sue, I get alot of pain in both my hips and legs and lower spine, my hips and legs give way alot and I loose my balance, that's why I need my crutches to walk about just incase. I have lost balance when just standing and go to fall, did so just yesterday infront of OH he screamed and I managed to put arm out and lean against glass and get myself sorted! OH shouted at me and told me to becareful! I did get a little shuck up but alright now. As for pains in stomach I don't get them. Hope you are doing alright and get some peace out of everything you have read. Amanda (Bubbadog)
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    Hi Sue,

    Oh mine does that as well... will hardly support me for a bit and then it goes....

    They put mine down to the arthritis in the hips.... sitting makes it happen cus I normally find anything except an old tall winged queen Anne chair bad news.... Makes you look a fool though eh?!

    Something to mention and hopefully they will come up with something that will stop it for you. Leaving a ((( ))) and a help legs to work bucket. Cris xx
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    I’m so glad I’ve found this site. I don’t feel like I’m the only one anymore. I feel such a fool when my hip just gives way and it’s scary (as well as painful of course). I’m 52 and feeling about 92 most days especially in my wheelchair for shopping trips on bad hip days. I’ve had two injections in my hip and my specialist is saying now I’ve got to lose weight - the hardest thing ever when exercise is so hard because of my hip. However, I’ve joined a gym and I’m starting swimming today! My son is going to help me work out a gentle gym routine too. Desperately hoping to get the better of this arthritis.
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    Hello Floatielight and welcome to the Versus Arthritis online community from the moderating team.

    I am really very sorry to hear about your diagnosis of Arthritis, (I am presuming you have been diagnosed with Osteoarthritis?), it can be very frightening when your leg gives way unexpectedly.

    We have a great community here, with have lots of experience of arthritis, who I know will make you very welcome and help in any way they can. There is no need to feel as though you are ‘the only one’ anymore you have found the right place.

    The prospect of losing weight can be very daunting when you are in pain, but many members who use this online forum have succeeded you can take heart from their experiences.

    While you are waiting for someone to come along I am attaching some relevant information for you.

    This link is to Arthritis of the hip:


    Swimming is an excellent idea well done for being so positive. I am attaching a link about exercise you could share it with your son who is being so helpful:


    Best wishes

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    Hey, well done you! That's a terrific start :D

    I have RA and OA. Have had for aeons. Two new hips and three new knees but, here's the thing: my husband got a new hip 3 weeks ago. The old one was totally knackered, bone on bone, and, indeed, so is his other but, until very recently he was playing golf and only in a lot of pain with certain movements - on or off the golf course :lol: We attribute this to the fact that he's always been into sport - rugby, cricket, football, ice-skating in his younger days: golf, walking and gardening in his retirement. So his muscles remained very strong and supportive which means less pain.

    I hope you'll manages to keep up the exercise. Don't overdo it at first as it's so discouraging to do the exercise and feel worse. Build up gently.

    As for losing weight - we've had several successes on here. One lady, confined to a wheelchair, lost 5 stones.. We're also god at cheering people on so, if you want to, keep us updated and we'll tell you how well you're doing :D
    "The deeper sorrow carves into your being the more joy you can contain." Kahlil Gibran
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    We're also god at cheering people on
    Yup, absolutely awesome!
    Welcome floatielight, and sorry to hear about the problems with the hip giving way. When my OA first really hit(it happened quite suddenly, not as the medics tell you!)I had spells of my ankle or knee giving way suddenly, frightening when crossing the road or using stairs, especially going down. It does still happen sometimes but I've got better at recognising the signs(particular sensations/pains) and can take precautions. I also try to make sure I don't have to hurry across a road, and always use the handrails on stairs and take my time.
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    daffy is quite right. We do get practised at recognising danger and skilled at devising our own methods of avoiding it.

    daffy2 wrote:
    We're also god at cheering people on
    Yup, absolutely awesome!

    Well, not quite so good :wink:
    "The deeper sorrow carves into your being the more joy you can contain." Kahlil Gibran