I have very bad arthritis in my hands and have seen gloves for sale, has anyone used them and did they help and what is the best ones to buy on line, as I'm self isolating like many of you are and cant get out to try any on, thanks for any help you can give.


  • dreamdaisy
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    I bought some fingerless support gloves earlier this year and, to be honest, they were a nuisance rather than a help. The warmth was comforting but they somehow got in the way. Now, with all the necessary handwashing that is going on, they have been in a drawer for over a month, the constant donning and removing will be too much for my creaky fingers.

    They provided some support to my fingers until they stretched. I would wash them, support would be restored, but by the fourth or fifth pulling on and off it had gone again. If you want to try them a) don't spend a fortune, they are merely cotton jersey with a touch of lycra and b) get at least two pairs so you have one available whilst the others dry. I wouldn't recommend at the moment but once all this current hoo-hah subsides it might be worth having then in stock to help with extra warmth next winter. DD

  • celtic
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    Thanks dreamdaisy, will take your advice and buy a cheap pair to try out about £7 instead of the £20 ones the named ones ask for. stay safe, celtic

  • dreamdaisy
    dreamdaisy Member Posts: 31,557

    You're more than welcome, I hope you find them to be of more use than I did. There is little difference between the cheap ones and the expensive, they do not reduce pain to any significant degree nor do they ease the symptoms of a proper arthritic (as opposed to the self-diagnosed who like to think they have it). DD

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