Cervical Spondylosis

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Hi my name is Heather

I am looking for any suggestions to help with the pain in my neck and head with regards to Cervical Spondylosis.

Many thanks


  • frogmorton
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    I have it too Heather it's truly vile and when it 'flares' which it does I can heave with the pain.

    First of all I now know not to 'push' it too far.  If it feels iffier than usual I rest more - our heads weigh a LOT!

    Secondly I stopped sleeping on 2 pillows the first time it happened. I now have a sort of contoured pillow (trial and error this we are all different).

    I use a warm wheat bag (the kind you microwave) as and when needed

    and painkillers as and when needed up to the prescribed dose if I have to. then I add some prune juice as the painkillers will result in potential constipation!!

    I definitely rest my neck as much as possible. Take it steady lie down if needs be.

    Take care Heather ((()))

  • Twirl58
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    Oh I know just how you feel. Rotten! The steps that frogmorton mentioned are all brilliant but I also find Deep Heat roll on used on my neck and shoulders help. It is lovely and warming with out the pungent smell of typical products.
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    Hello - My name is Karla and I am new here - this is my first comment. I have been diagnosed with Cervical Osteo-Arthritis and Osteo-Arthritis in my hips and knees. I have what my daughter and I refer to as "my lovely lady hump" ;) on my neck bone. Which I've had for several years now (I was 6 ft tall since the age of 13 and have since "shrunk" to 5'11). I have been reading loads on this website and have found this forum, thank you!! My pain doesn't seem to be like others describe. I get pain in-between my shoulder blades mostly. I do get pain across the top of my shoulders and neck, however most of the time it is around the shoulder blades...and it is like a ache not a sharp pain but it makes me feel like I'm constantly aware of my breathing. I know this isn't my spine, so I'm confused? Sorry if this is confusing - just hoping to hear from someone who can relate.

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    Hi Karla. Welcome to the Community and lovely to see you here.

    I'm sorry to hear of the pain you have across your shoulder blades - I'm not sure if this page on shoulder pain applies as you have said it "doesn't seem to be like others describe".

    If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask and do please join in across the forums. I look forward to reading your posts.

    All best wishes


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    Thanks Brynmor for this. After reading it, I think maybe I didn't explain clearly. The pain I get is mostly in between the shoulder blades - not my upper shoulder. I do think it has something to do with my neck bone protruding, but I'm not sure. I will look into things further. Thanks again for the help.

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    Thanks Toni



  • Constance
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    I have found a way of helping with the pain in my neck . I wear a scarf around my neck which seems to help. Perhaps I should get myself a collar??

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    I have degenerative facet joint disease as well as wide spread OA and my neck is one of my worst areas as I also have a detached disc therein. I have a front fastening soft cervical collar which helps. They can be provided by OTs or your can buy them quite cheaply off the internet.

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    Hi @KarlaS14 I wonder if you've ever tried lying on a small towel folded up between the shoulder blades?

    It's an exercise my physio suggested, which is designed to help counteract the pain caused by curvature at the top of the spine. You might also come across it in pilates. The first time I tried it I found it too painful, but then I tried again with a thinner towel. I lay it down parallel to the spine at first, right between the shoulder blades and I enjoy stretching my arms out to the sides. It's a nice feeling opening the chest up wide, then stretch your arms above your head if you can manage. You can also try it with the towel perpendicular to the spine and repeat the same stretches.

    Everyone is different so it may not help you, but it works for me so thought it was worth mentioning.

  • Constance
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    Thank you all for tips on how to try and make the pain in my neck a little bit easier to live with - will give it a go.

    Heather (Constance)