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Social distancing

Just looking to find out how everyone is coping with social distancing now the streets and roads are getting busier as the country starts opening up again.

I am really struggling to maintain that 2m distance at work and when im out with the dog. It is impossible it the other person doesnt want to follow suit.
Outside is better obviously but less than 2m indoors just seems like a high risk an of course thats when its hardest to maintain whether it be at work or in shops.

Just looking to find out how anyone else is coping/dealing with the issues. Im starting to think im making a big unnecessary deal out of it......

Realistically I dont imagine there will be a vaccine anytime soon and social distancing will be a way of life for everyone.


  • Mike1Mike1 Member Posts: 1,324

    Follow the WHO advice, if you can't maintain 2m social distancing wear a 3 layer mask.

  • KazandNooKazandNoo Member Posts: 98
    I totally understand as I'm having exactly the same issues and often think "is it just me?" Being in the "flu jab" group and a key worker I've been at work the whole time but have been advised by the guidelines, my GP and rheumatology nurse to stringently social distance. I try to do this at all times and don't mind always being the one to move out of the way but have often been in a situation where thats not been possible and the other person has looked at me with bemusement or irritation when I've mentioned social distancing. Some days I'm very anxious about this,others very angry. I'm not as shy about asking people to social distance anymore as I now think that if they don't care about my health I do!
  • KazandNooKazandNoo Member Posts: 98

    I also agree with Mike1,wear a mask where you think social distancing might be a concern πŸ‘οΈ

  • Gemthom85Gemthom85 Member Posts: 26

    Youve literally just described my life. Key worker so being working also. But as lockdown is being relaxed people are starting to revert back to normal. Even my line manger seems not to comprehend what 2m actualy looks like. Im taking a pole into work tomorrow πŸ€”
    On top of that because i have been going on about 2m distancing they have given me a cupboard to work in. Its like punishment being put in a corner at school honestly...... But that doesnt negate the risk any more than what im doing just now. Being that its entering, leaving, toilet and kitchen times i struggle to maintain the 2m and there is no way to move 2m away.

    I think i just need to deal with the fact its not possible an suck it up.
  • Mike1Mike1 Member Posts: 1,324

    An alternative to a face mask is a full face visor, have a look at tool merchant websites they are quite cheap and look similar to the ones that you see Drs and Nurses wearing on TV. My baby sister is now wearing one at work in ASDA as she finds breathing through the mask difficult and by wearing a visor at least you are not tempted to keep touching your face to adjust it.

  • frogmortonfrogmorton Member Posts: 26,344

    I say excuse me very loudly and 'Ooops sorry!' as thought it's me getting in their space!

    I have also (sorry) bought a ladies wee bottle so when I am allowed to travel further and can see my youngest in Scotland I do NOT need to enter public loos.

    The cupboard @Gemthom85 sounds risky indeed especially if anyone comes in!!

    Get a face visor like Mike1 suggests. I have one which a Dr neighbour bought for me.


    Toni xxx
  • Kazza52Kazza52 Member Posts: 68

    I agree with the above posts. I only go out to take the dog for a walk and this is only round the block and I always choose a time (late afternoon) when I know it will be quiet and I won't bump into anyone.

    I am worried about venturing out to the shops etc as although the 2m rule is still in place there are invariably going to be some people who think that the pandemic is over and disregard social distancing. This virus is here to stay until a vaccine is found and I will definitely be venturing out to the shops, etc anytime soon. Anything I need I will order online but not everyone can do this (especially the elderly or people who do not have computers). If I do h have to go out I will ensure that I wear a face mask and when I go to my hospital appointments wearing a face mask is compulsory.🐢

    Stay safe everyone.

  • frogmortonfrogmorton Member Posts: 26,344

    @Kazza52 and of course ordering online actually costs more with delivery charges. Not everyone can afford it can they? πŸ˜•

    I have everything crossed for a good reliable cheap antigen test and a vaccine.

    In the meantime I would like to go around with a 2m pole and show people how far away I want them!!


    Toni xxx
  • KazandNooKazandNoo Member Posts: 98

    I've thought of a pole for awhile,but don't think I could trust myself with it πŸ˜‚

  • Gemthom85Gemthom85 Member Posts: 26
    Well i believe hitting someone was said pole would be completely justified in that that person could potentially be putting your life at risk so its a natural reaction to defend yourself....πŸ’β€β™€οΈ just a thought. I fear i may run at a few of my colleagues however..

    The cupboard is fine. No one is allowed in an there is a sign on the door. All communication through phone or email thank you!

    I have noticed however that more an more people are out an not social distancing. It is incredibly difficult as before i would cross the street, walk onto the grass or the road but now its too busy to do that theres cars an people everywhere. Bring in winter get these guys back in their homes so i can walk the dog! πŸ˜‚
  • KazandNooKazandNoo Member Posts: 98
    I too have been given a cupboard at work! To be honest at the moment I prefer it,its somewhere safe to retreat to. I put a sign on the door only this afternoon, after some bloke was going to stride in to test the smoke alarm right above my head! When I mentioned distancing I got that quizzical look that is becoming very familiar. Sigh. On a positive note I was going down the stairs to leave work and someone waited at the bottom so we didn't meet,i was so grateful it lifted my day πŸ˜·πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

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