As someone who has never worked in the Public Sector it never fails to amaze me how unprepared they are for he little things. This applies to medical practices and councils, my medical practice told me that they could not order me a replacement 5 litre syringe disposal container because of CORVID-19, I asked if they recommended that I put them in the domestic bin, there was a quick change of mind. Our City Council announced at the start of the pandemic that all green bin collections would have to be suspended, this brought on the regretful but obvious fly tipping of garden waste onto green belt countryside parking areas by the brain dead. I have been attempting to make a bank withdrawal for a week, all I get is a recorded message informing me of the existence of CORVID-19, so it appears to be spreading into the Private Sector.

I am minded of a mate’s father, who was walking to his steel works night shift job on the night of the Sheffield Blitz in December 1940, he heard what he described as ‘bit of a rumpus’, so went the long way, arriving at work on time and unhurt, the 660 dead were not so fortunate. I doubt that this could happen today, please let me be wrong.


  • Crookesey
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    My apologies, I keep putting an R in COVID-19. 😓

  • stickywicket
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    Have a care, Crooksey. Criticism from the sidelines is all too easy. Dealing with a worldwide pandemic with a necessarily depleted staff and little knowledge of how it will all pan out is less so. I am very impressed with, and indebted to, all who have kept the wheels of the country turning.

  • Mike1
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    I echo Stickywicket's comments. The way in which things have been organised and handled have varied by region to a greater or lesser extent. My GP's surgery has remained open and they have done everything they can to accommodate us patients. A retired GP now delivers my meds to me each month as he wanted to help out. There have been no problems with refuse collection. The only problem down here has been the pressure put on our one and only main hospital by second-home owners coming down here when they were told to stay at home, 2/3rds of the virus cases treated as in-patients since day one have been from out of the County. We have ALL had to adapt since the outbreak of this pandemic, some better than others.

  • Crookesey
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    Well I’ve never been accused of being politically correct, so I must bow to the majority, bow yes but agree, perhaps not.

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