How often do you drop things and what's the worst thing you've dropped?

At least once a day I'll drop something. I just get a shooting pain in my hands or wrists and I'll immediately let go of what I'm holding. Can happen at anytime and anywhere. It's okay if I'm just holding a book or my phone. Not so fun when I'm taking a sip of my coffee.


  • Mike1
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    I drop things quite often, it is one of the perils of having arthritic hands, trouble is I can't pick whatever I have dropped up unless I have my grabber to hand. I dropped my favourite mug on the kitchen floor this morning. luckily it was empty, and was surprised that it didn't break, chip or crack. Phew, got away with that one. I keep my keys on a chain on my belt so that I don't drop them. I keep a grabber in my bedroom, kitchen, two in the lounge and one outside the back door for garden picking ups, including the odd mouse that Vixen leaves me.

  • CatLady1
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    I often drop things, I too have a grabber in each room. The worst thing I dropped was a vodka and coke in a rather pricey hotel. I had only just picked it up to have my first sip. I nearly asked for a straw to suck it off the table. Now, if out, I hold the glass in both hands and bend over to drink it as I can't afford to drop a drink.

  • Crookesey
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    Looking back to some of our our son’s worst teenage exploits, my wife did mention that the worst thing that she could recall dropping were her knickers. 😫

  • Shell_H
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    Not sure if this is arthritis related, but I drop things relatively frequently. Bowls, glasses and cups are the most common things to drop, which unfortunately happen to all be breakable as well 😞

  • KazandNoo
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    Catlady1,I had to laugh at your post about the pricey vodka and coke! 😁 I spilt a glass of red wine the other weekend at home in the kitchenjust before supper,I still can't believe how far the mess spread to! I allow myself a couple of glasses at the weekend ( although I always regret it as I wake in the early hours with joints complaining 🙄)
  • Lilymary
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    The thing I drop most often is enormous clangers!

  • Ayjay
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    I frequently drop things, although it is not always pain related.... more like a lack of strength in my grip. Frustrates the hell out of me, and can make mequite sweary 🙄🤐

  • Airwave!
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    Phone, tablet, wallet, mug, in fact everything! I get so cross trying to pick them up again, four fiv3 try’s and still trying, sometimes they just stay on the floor till someone else picks them up and rants at me for being lazy! doohhhhh..........

    it’s a grin, honest!

  • Lilymary
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    The ranter needs a reality check, I get so cross with being accused of being lazy when in fact i’m in pain and exhausted.

  • stellabean
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    I often drop stuff I am getting out of cupboards or off shelves. The worst thing was a tea tray in a very busy noisy café whoops you could say I had a smashing time. It went suddenly quiet but at least the lass on the counter could hear me when I asked for a mop!. It was so embarrassing but now 20 yrs on I am used to it. I do get frustrated when my hands will not do what I tell them, these days I drop my crutches a lot.

  • Sandy1964
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    I have recently started dropping things my phone my cup but the worst one was the kettle but luckily it was not hot water next time I might not be so lucky.
  • N1gel
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    Doesn't do to keep such lists I find; just 'Crack on' (pun intended).

    I once tried to compile a list of all the bargains I'd missed - deeply depressing!

  • Lilymary
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    I’ve just had my first small glass of wine in weeks, I’ve given up booze in an attempt to lose weight and take the strain off my hip, and it somehow doesn’t seem right washing down painkillers with alcohol.

    The result of this minor back-sliding? Knocking over a vase of flowers while trying to move it. Three times.

  • KazandNoo
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