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I was exercising, outside in the hot weather yesterday, I was out for a few hours only working hard for about an hour and a half, had a cuppa, a long chat and by the time I got home I felt like I had been pulled through a hedge, backwards by a team of horses that were well versed in such techniques.

It took until the next day and drinking a lot of water and pills until I started to feel somewhat better and 24 hours later am still feeling the effects.

The only thing I can put this down to is dehydration. I am not a great one for drinking water, I do but in moderation and usually only in the summer, tea (de caff) is my favourite.

What with the effects of heat, medication and working to get ourselves about, many others may be effected. How much do you drink?


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    Very little, i’m usually working or walking in places where ready access to a loo or reasonably sized clump of bracken is not always available, so my kidneys have to make do with what they get. I actually feel ill if I drink what we’re supposed to, but I reckon this 2 litres a day malarkey is just a massive con put out by the peddlers of bottled water. I only drink more when I’m doing a really strenuous walk, and I haven’t done that for a good long while now.

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    I start the day with circa three mugs of very strong black coffee and a glass of tomato juice. I drink nothing else until mid afternoon when I have a couple of cans of beer following an hour on the garden, I also have a couple of glasses of wine with my evening meal which does tend to dehydrate me so I drink a pint of water prior to going to bed and take another pint with me which I consume during the night.

    I used to work in an office environment, where staff started on tea/coffee on arrival and continued until they left, I could never understand this as I only had a couple of coffees during the day. I never touched alcohol whilst working, I quite liked being stone cold sober whilst dealing with corporate clients.

  • Mike1
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    I drink at least a dozen mugs of tea during the day but nothing after 5pm which means I don't get up during the night for a pee. Having said that I only get 2 or 3 hours kip anyway but I don't want to miss out on a second of it by having to go to the loo. I have not touched a drop of alcohol since 2005 as it is dangerous to consume it on Morphine.

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    I always feel vaguely uncomfortable about washing down painkillers with alcohol, which is another reason I have pretty much given it up. tbh I can't honestly say I miss it.

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    I’ll drink to that, well I’ve done my three score years plus thirteen and have to die of something sometime, and it’s not going to be of utter boredom in a nursing home.

  • Airwave!
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    Thanks for the replies, drinking water is a modern thing, I was brought up drinking tea and coffee from when I was little, drinking water with no taste just seems wrong. I wasn’t doing anything I don’t usually do just put it down to the heat?

    I wonder what will happen to us with the earth warming up?

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    I drink lots then! I have about 4/5 cups (mugs!) of tea a day - more if I’m visiting my parents - and at least 2 pints of water, probably more. I get headaches if I’m too tired or don’t drink enough, so I drink whenever I remember. But I actually like the taste of water, so that helps. Even so, every time I’ve been to hospital I’ve been told I’m slightly dehydrated, so I don’t know how to get that right. I do know I feel worse, especially in heat, when I don’t drink. It seems to amplify every other bad feeling.

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    I've been told I don't drink enough by nurses for as long as I can remember.

    Water first thing then a couple of mugs of real coffee with breakfast, couple of mugs of mint tea during the day, couple of glasses of wine with supper, a mug of something before bed. If I feel thirsty I drink more, if I'm sculpting I'm often too absorbed to stop and drink.

    I remember reading that Wilfred Thesiger the desert explorer/soldier trained himself to live on a pint a day like the Bedouin and he lived in to his 80's. Didn't do much for his complexion/skin tho'!

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    My surgery nurse, always says when I have to have some blood tests done, that I've got good veins as I drink lots. I have about 6 mugs of tea, two pint glasses of squash, a hot chocolate, and 2-3 sports bottles (1 litre a fill) of water. I prefer the tap water to the bottled water. I try not to drink much for a couple of hours before bed so I don't have to get up during the night.

    There are two reasons I drink so much is because I have TMJ which makes my mouth dry, also taking amitriptyline doesn't help as one of the side effects is a dry mouth. I would rather have a dry mouth, than try and cope with out the amitriptyline. I have some capsules I bought if it gets really bad. My doctor says there is nothing he can do.

    Off to fill up my bottle. Cheers. !!!

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