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HI i have been diagnosed with having both hips worn my doctor sent me for x-ray he told me they are worn he does not know how much they are worn ;( he offered me some pain killers and told me good luck ;( how can i find out how worn they are


  • CCM
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    Greetings @Alan54 and welcome. You have had a recent diagnosis of worn hips, but are having difficulty in getting specific advice.

    You may find help in this link

    Do let us know how you gat on. Best wishes, Tom.

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    Have you had the results of your xrays yet? That would tell your doctor how bad the damage is.

  • Alan54
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    Yes he spoke to me over the phone he has the results and told me my hips are worn but he doesn't know how much im a lirtlw confused

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    That’s just odd, if he’s got the xrays in front of him, he should be able to tell, surely?

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    You need to be referred to a Specialist and a Pain Clinic, ask your GP for both.

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    It could be (among various possibilities) that the X-Ray films were of poor quality or the radiologist's report was somewhat ambiguous.

    You are entitled to a copy of the Radiologist's report although the practice may want you to make a formal 'Subject Access Request'. However this will probably be only a sentence or two in length.

    If it were me I would make an appointment to see the GP and actually see and discuss the X-Ray images with them directly. However the actual degree of arthrosis (wear) is (IMHO) somewhat secondary to the efficacy of medication prescribed so try not to become too fixated on this particular aspect.


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    Hi @Alan54

    If they are worn enough probably Orthopaedics is where you need to go. In addition you might benefit from seeing a physiotherapist for some advice.

    Your GP can refer you if he/she thinks it appropriate and maybe as Mike suggests to a pain clinic if you are struggling and the Dr cannot prescribe adequate pain relief for you.