Arthritis in my feet

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Hi everyone,

I am new to this site and was hoping to get some much needed advice from people who may have the same ir similar prinkem as me.

I have Osteoarthritis which I have been managing quite well with exercise and pain killers. However, walking my dog has become absolute agony for me since the arthritis in my feet has become a real issue. I am awaiting a face to face appt with a podiatrist but in the meantime, I wondered if anyone had advice for me on anything that has helped them.

I recently started wearing Ecco trainers which initially seemed really good and gave my feet lots of support, but even these are not helping at the moment. The pain is in the joints over the top of my foot. I have had some custom made insoles provided by the podiatry service which I cannot fit into most of my shoes.

Any advice from fellow suffers would be very much appreciated. I am only 61 and feel much older as I hobble along in extreme pain. I have lots of life left in me and it is hampering my quest to lose weight as I know this puts pressure on my joints.

I would be so thankful for any suggestions/advice.


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    Hi @Hellebelle

    Welcome to the Versus Arthritis Community, glad you have found us.

    You say you have Osteoarthritis in the feet and would like to get on going advice for comfortable shoes.

    I too have Osteoarthritis in my feet, I wear children's shoes as I am a size 5 and they go up to my size, they are extra wide and lace ups but very comfortable.

    Above is a link that might help you.

    You are welcome to talk to others on our forums, the most popular being Living with Arthritis, Chit Chat and Vals Café.

    Let us know how you get on


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    When you go back to your Podiatrist (I have been waiting 6 months for a second appointment) ask them about custom boots, I was offered some but as they have both laces and straps to do up I was unable to have them as the rest of my OA precludes bending over to do them up! There are numerous insoles available but they do not last long, they become compressed the more you wear them and then the support they provide diminishes. Luckily, or not, I can't walk much and just hobble around my bungalow on crutches and use a wheelchair elsewhere so the OA in my feet, although painful when I stand on them, is not my most pressing problem.

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    In general I wear hotters ot skechers. They help mea fair amount, but other footwear is available and probably a case of trial and error Clarkes do an air filled sole too. I'd go and try some on if I were you. Oh I get a half size bigger than my feet are Hellebelle.

    In addition If they are lace-ups I replace the laces with elastic ones which makes them into slip-ons.

    Hope you can find something to help it's tough when your feet hurt I know ((()))

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    I don’t have OA in my feet (that I’m aware of at least) but I do have foot problems tat probably contributed to the damage on my knees and hips. I have had custom made orthotics in my walking boots, which helped on Big Walks (that I can no longer do, thanks to OA in hips). But for day to day use, I find Superfeet insoles very helpful, and they last a long time. I wear them mainly in hotter or Ecco shoes, whose own insoles are easy to remove and seem to accommodate these alternatives. (Admin, sorry if I’m not allowed to use product names. I expect “other brands are available”). These were recommended to me by a rheumatologist years ago, who is also an endurance runner - she did marathons across deserts etc, and also by my physio, who also wears them. These made a big difference following a foot injury, and I still wear them in shoes that I wear if I’m going to be on my feet all day. They look rather “hard” at first glance, but are surprisingly comfortable, and I never notice the solid formers in the heel area.

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    " I have had some custom made insoles provided by the podiatry service which I cannot fit into most of my shoes."

    From what people have told me, when we are measured for these insoles we are usually asked which shoes we'll be wearing them in as they are intended to fit the shoe as well as the foot so, if you are trying to fit them into other shoes, it might damage them so that the shape subtly changes. It would be well worth asking the podiatrist about this.It might be that you will need to wear the same type of shoe all the time.

    I've had to wear surgical shoes (which I guess are similar to the 'custom made boots' which Mike mentions for aeons. It started with lace ups as they support best but then moved to an easy form of velcro when I cou ldn't manage laces. The modern insoles rarely change shape maybe because they're in the same shoe all the time. occasionally my feet change though(!) and new insoles are quickly made.

    I believe now they rarely prescribe surgical shoes which are hugely expensive. Instead, they have a range of 'suitable' shoes in lots of shapes and sizes.

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  • Hellebelle

    Thank you so much for relying. I appreciate your help.

  • Hellebelle

    Hi Lilymary, thank you so much for your reply, I will definitely look up your suggestions.

    With best wishes and thanks


  • Hellebelle

    Hi, thank you to everyone who commented and gave me advice about arthritis in my feet and suitable shoes. I am new here and trying to negotiate how to use the site, so apologies if I have missed out thanking you.

    Best wishes to all of you coping with arthritis.

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    I’ve had foot issues since I was young, I’m 65 now and get orthotics issued every year, it was this or more surgery which isn’t on, too late and no gain. Every time I change my shoes it causes more pain as my walk changes and takes a long time to settle down again. After about ten pairs of one trainer I changed when their manufacture changed. I’m now in a pair of Pavers leather trainer type shoes which have my built up soles inside, I always buy a size larger after the toe ops, they’re pointed up now. They are well cushioned and supportive. Wearing soft slippers/wellies/sandals is painful. I get jealous of the summer people wearing flip flops, I can’t grip the bit between my toes, haha! As for standing barefoot on stones, I just fall over, I can’t balance on painful feet. I seem to trip over everything these days.

    My walking is rather painful and I don’t go far so my exercise is cycling which I can manage. Occasionally I overdo it and stay off my feet for days. It’s a matter of finding your own exercise level and not overdoing it. OA is different for all of us so from many suggestions you’ll need to find your own path.

    So there you are, there’s loads of us with similar problems.

    its a grin, honest!

    p.s. my 14 month old gd has a ball tickling grandpa’s feet and getting a big reaction, little dear!