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Hi. I am an independent woman living on my own. I thought I'd say hi now as I'd like to make connections.

The winter is coming in fast and I won't be able to go out much soon. I have a fair few health conditions but Arthritis is the one I'm having most issues with just now. I fear pretty soon I won't e able to walk much at all.

Is there anyone else feeling like this ? It would be good to chat. Take care all.


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    Hi Jan, welcome to the crew. I'm very independent too (which my husband will confirm!) and have OA in my hips. This stops me doing any more than a slow half hour walk, although I can just about work, as it involves a lot of sitting down and standing still, but the walking in between bits are a problem! I'm hoping for a new hip one day, when the NHS has recovered, as I can't do much at all meantime.

    If you can tell us a bit more about how your arthritis affects you - I'm sure there will be others who can relate to your condition. Has this been assessed by the medics yet? What do you do to keep mobile and sane?

    Stay well


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    Hi @Jan123 and a warm welcome to the Online Community.

    Winter can be quite a tough time for those of us who have arthritis and this can often limit the activities that help us day to day. We had a lovely story last December on our web site from Alison about her her top 5 tips for keeping active in winter:

    Do tell us how you are getting on and what your plans will be for staying active in spite of the season.

    Best wishes


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    Hi @Jan123

    I'm sorry your are struggling at present. I'm a 53 year old man with is suspected to be osteoarthritis in both knees. Climbing up and down stairs right now is murder. My place has three flights. I have to wear knee supports and adhesive heat pads are a godsend on cold days.

    My fingers and wrists are stiff and tingly most mornings. I find soaking them in radox and hot water really helps to ease my discomfort. I am set to have an MRI scan and a rheumatologist consult within the next 4 weeks.

    I am waiting to be told what I already pretty much know. I think its important to focus on what you can presently do and what you can enjoy most. It is very easy to be consumed by dark despondent moods. I've been very short tempered ,cranky and withdrawn . I 'have felt like people who were not helpful were an unnecessary hindrance.

    I'd strongly recommend a TENS machine to help take the edge off the pain. I'd also recommend essential oils as a way to ease periods of low mood. I've felt pretty defeated and despondent over stuff that just 18 months ago would have been a temporary trivial setback. Gotta enjoy the small victories and cherish the hell out of life's smallest pleasures.

    Keep your chin up

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    Hi @ROBCON and welcome to the Online Community.

    That's a really good set of tips you have posted. Coping with moods and feeling despondent can be a very real battle and asking for help is often a really big step to overcoming the worst days. I find that on some days I'm just really tired and unable to manage much - giving in to the fatigue is a real temptation.

    The Versus Arthritis web site has some really useful help on managing fatigue and I have used a couple of these suggestions to help me before:

    Do continue to give advice and support, ask questions. Do let us know how your appointment with the rheumatologist goes and how you are getting on.

    All best wishes


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    Hello I’m JanetGSG,

    i have joined the move more thing with Leon, it has opened up a whole new world of experience and advice.

    i look forward to hearing from others coping with pain and constrictions.

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    Hi @JanetGSG welcome to the Online Community, great to see you here.

    Let's Move with Leon is a great series with loads of practical ideas on simple exercise to help us get moving, especially when restricted with going outside. Glad that you are enjoying it.

    Do join in across the Community, ask questions and give support, It's a great place to call in for a chat and to say how you are getting on.

    All best wishes


    PS. I have moved your 2nd post to a new discussion in Living with Arthritis so it gets its own replies and not get mixed up with this conversation 😃

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    • If you have got this far, you may be interested in Staying Warm This Winter: a collection of conversations full of tips and advice.
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    Hi I agree 100 % with Robcon I have a wireless tens machine I honestly couldnt cope with out it I wear it every day .amertripoline n naproxen really help. Def notice cold wet days really make my joints play up. Neck wrists knees are the worst . Oestoatheritis such a strange chonic illness many up s n downs . Hope you feel better x

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    Hello everyone; I do hope I am doing this right.. I do so want to hear others experiences with this hip osteoarthritis… Mine seems to have accelerated over the last six months… is anyone the same?

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    Hi@Beetango I sympathise. I was diagnosed with mild arthritis in my right hip in the spring. I thought that I had pulled a muscle in my thigh after overdoing it on a walk. After a few weeks I was still in excruciating pain in my groin, bottom and thigh so decided to ask a doctor. After my X ray I was advised to take paracetamol. A few weeks later I had bad pains in my lower back and sciatica which was crippling me. I could walk even less. The doctor told me (by phone) that it was my back, not my hip - inflammation of my sacroiliac joints. and a physio (again by phone) suggested some hip exercises to do, which I had already found on this amazing site. Little and often she said. The doctor also added codeine to my paracetamols, which after a few weeks eased my excruciating pains. I also realised that I could have damaged my coccyx just before this when I jolted it in the bath (I hadn’t had one for years but I heard about Epsom salt baths. I have treated myself to a bath lift). After 10 weeks I thought I had to gradually come off the codeine in case I got addicted. The doctor hadn’t monitored my use! but was helpful when I rang.

    Now I have less pain after the initial morning’s pains, which is greatly helped by my wonderful heat pad. I still often have coccyx pain. I still can’t walk very far and try pacing myself during the day. I went to my nephew’s wedding last weekend and suffered for 2 days! I am trying to cut down on taking paracetamol, just taking them morning and evening, and keeping up with exercises. I am hoping to build a routine with the new Versus Arthritis stretch exercises but I am afraid it’s so easy to sit which means I am pain free. I will keep trying 😊. I have an MSK clinic appointment at the end of December, referred in June! I am hoping that might help. I hope your arthritis soon eases again @Beetango