Had X Rays on both knees and hips to confirm osteoarthritis

Hello everyone, I've had lower back pain for many years and stiffness but recently pain in my left knee I hips caused me to get it checked, wish I'd got my back checked too now, very hard to see anyone face to face at the moment, due to poor sleep with pain in my left knee I'm getting a steroid injection this morning, don't know what to expect.


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    Morning @Mistyblue

    Welcome to the Online Community Forum and Thank you for finding us.

    When you had your hips checked was it OA? When you have the Steroid Injection into your Left Knee can you speak to them regarding the pain in your Lower Back? More than likely, it is to do with your OA.

    I have attached some links regarding OA please have a look through.

    Looking forward to hearing from you again and I hope the Steroid Injection does the job and works quickly in your knee. I know it isn't a permanent fix but if it controls the pain for a bit then at least that is something.

    Take Care and Stay Safe


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    I've been told it's osteoarthritis in hips and knees, forgot to mention back as it's not troubling me at the moment, probably because my husband does any heavy housework for me and I haven't worked since I tried a school assistant cook job and only lasted 2 weeks, over 18 months ago, with the pension age for me moving to 66 I do sometimes think of trying to work part-time if it was possible, I'am able to take my small dog for a short walk each day 🐕

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    Someone asked on here if anyone else has an autoimmune disease as well as osteoarthritis, I have an underactive thyroid if that counts

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