Unsure if I’m CEV or CV ...work in nhs


I apologise I’m sure this topic has been mentioned more than once...I’m a little confused, I was told to shield in March taking both hydroxychloroquine and Metho inject for RA... over the year the guidance goalposts has shifted slightly and my Rheumatologist suggests I’m in the Clinically vulnerable group not the extremely vulnerable group. I managed to ditch Hydroxy. But increase metho to 25mg inj. And was also informed by a new consultant I have inflammatory arthritis not RA... I am a little confused. I am an NHS frontline worker with Head and Neck cancer pts...which does involve Aerogenerated procedures and secretions etc, so there is a high risk element. Just before lockdown 3...I had planned to return, first time since March, but obviously that has changed some what now.

Due to the many conversations surrounding this and varying terminology used, I am really unsure where I now sit! My RA nurse says my disease is currently active and my in-house risk assessment states extremely high risk...now being less vulnerable...work are obviously very keen for me to return, with murmurs of redeployment as a lot of my role is normally patient facing ...I want to return and help my colleagues so much but I am so anxious about it not being safe....our hospital is so full!

Also, I have had 1 dose of the Pfizer vaccine, I’m very lucky..but am hearing that this may not be effective for RA or inflammatory whatever I have!..and how long does the immune response last?... if I am locked down for 3 months and then the vaccine wears off in 3 months...what then? ...I feel so frustrated hearing my poor colleagues so shattered and short staffed. It’s awful



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    Hi @Ast

    Nice to meet you.

    I think you are 'only' clinically vulnerable too as do you. Reading this:

    I am so sorry that you feel under this pressure to return and fear of being redeployed when you clearly love you very very valuable job! If the redeployment was only temporary maybe?

    No-one yet really knows how long the vaccine is effective for yet, but I am so glad you have had at least one.

    I hope someone can come along to help more soon

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    If you cannot return to your primary role are there not other jobs you could do in the hospital which would support your colleagues? It may be worth asking.

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    I am humbled by people like you, prepared to take so many risks on behalf of strangers.

    Here's what I know, purely as a longstanding RA patient:

    1. You are immuno-suppressed. It's the meds which make us so not the disease. You are on a high dose of methotrexate. I, too, am on meth (only 10 mgs) and hydroxy. The Scottish government has had me on their shielding list since March and recently reminded me about it.
    2. The info on vaccines is far from satisfactory or comprehensive especially for those of us with compromised immune systems.
    3. The latest news about 'half a vaccine' is, presumably, so that as many as possible can have at least some protection, partly for their own sake but also partly in the hope that they won't spread it. I have no idea if it will work well on someone who is immunosuppressed or for how long. I doubt anyone else does either.

    I think your desire to return to work and help your colleagues is laudable and the desire of your bosses to get you back on board is understandable but......

    The Scottish government have given me a number to ring if I have any problems or queries. Has the English government done likewise? I think you need informed advice. Do you have a union?

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    Hi all

    Thank you so much for your responses and kind comments. I assume for the purpose of this lockdown I am in the shielding group as clinically vulnerable!? And should remain at home...just to give clarity to my workplace really, and struggling colleagues 🙁.

    I assume also that say lockdown is eased, I can again begin to explore returning to work.

    I have been trying to look at different ways I can support, setting up tel/video clinics, and supporting relative liaison team which I hope to do after this week. I just find it so frustrating, I’ve always been in acute and frontline since I qualified 2004 and before...

    What an awful situation we are all in, stay safe everyone and thank you again for your sound advice and support xxxx AST

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    Hi AST

    do what is right for you to be safe I learned a long time ago life goes on

    Its taken me 6 years to finally get diagnosed and even though I can’t raise my right arm now due to the oseophytes pushing on my spinal column because it’s been left so long nothing they can do COvid is serious so stay home and be safe, I,m a qualified phlebotomist but as I have arthritis in both hands had to give up the one job I adored patients won’t be pleased if I’m sticking a needle in them and my hands cramped up but I doubt most of them would care I gave it up , so please stop feeling guilty and start thinking when it’s safe you can go back, be kind to yourself

    Jona 😊