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Please could anyone help me.

I have been a long term user of naproxen but due to increasing stomach problems my doctor has completely taken me off naproxen and although it has only been 4 days I am in excruciating pain and lie awake crying out with the pain can anyone suggest an alternative anti inflammatory ?

I am already on morphine but they do not control the vast increase in pain since I have stopped the naproxen.

Please help if possible 🙏

Thank you



  • Lilymary
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    Hi Paul,

    You need to be referred to a pain clinic. Get back to your GP pronto and see if he can arrange this. My understanding is that all anti-inflammatories are bad for your stomach (I have avoided them till now for this reason) but have been taking naproxen for 10 months now while awaiting hip replacement, but taking omeprazole to protect my stomach. I'm not sure how much longer I would be allowed to take them though, if the operation wasn't an option for me.

  • Poppyjane
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    Hello Paul,

    I am sorry to hear that long term use of naproxen has caused stomach problems which have resulted in you experiencing excruciating pain.

    I hope this link will be helpful in explaining the various drugs and side effects of anti inflammatory medication

    I would suggest that you speak with your GP before you consider self medicating because they will be able to advise the best treatment so that your stomach is not aggravated further.

    It is possible that certain food types might help and the GP might recommend a particular diet for a while.

    Members of the online community will be sure to offer their experiences of dealing with stomach pains like heat packs etc.

    Meanwhile do keep in touch and let us know how you progress.

    with best wishes

    Poppyjane (moderator)

  • Lilymary
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    The heat pack can help with joint pain, but if you’re getting stomach pains you need to speak to your GP immediately.

  • frogmorton
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    Hi @Yetibee

    I am so sorry you are suffering😥

    My Dr gave me arcoxia (a COX2 inhibitor anti-inflam) gentler on the stomach with 30mg of lansoprazole to protect my stomach.

    I'm sure what they can offer anti-inflam wise will depend on how bad your stomach actually was. In my case it was really bad belly ache and the runs😳 If it was a bleed or something I expect they won't risk any form of anti-inflam.

    I have to agree with Lilymary's suggestion about seeing a pain clinic if your GP has no further ideas.

    If the pain is localised to only one joint they might consider a pain killing injection into it.

    Take care ((()))

  • duffer
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    i started taking omeprazole recently and had 6 days of constipation - a dose of dulcalax had the opposite result - now no pain relief whatever which is ghastly and have started taking root ginger capsules in the hope that it relieves both pain and stomach problems. i am getting panic attacks as the pain is really getting me down - i was fine when I took one or two 200mg ibuprofen a day - now i feel lousy and scared. sorry folks. helen.

  • Yetibee
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    Hi, Omeprazole and Lansoprazole do nothing for me at all I was on Ranitidine for years and it was brilliant but got withdrawn now with not being able to take Naproxen cos of stomach issues I'm in agony 24/7 and don't know how much more I can take 😭 I hope your situ improves 🙏🏼

  • duffer
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    dear yetibee - I'm so sorry to hear how you are. All I can suggest - which is all I have for the moment is diet: serial with muesli, 4 or 5 dried prunes with plain yoghurt and what Versus Arthritis have suggested to me which is Root ginger (hate ginger) but the tasteless capsules are available - i only take 1 a day. Like you I had less problems until meds got changed. It's not fair and those who do these changes (although with good intentions) have clearly never suffered the pain of arthritis. I'm also ashamed (which I shouldn't be) to taking the occasional 2mg diazepam for panic attacks - here again those who criticise have probably never had a panic attack. The panic only started with lockdown - I long for some human contact - even someone telling me they really care - something I have to drag out of my daughter on the phone. But it should be automatic! If it helps, yetibee, I understand and really care - and can assure you you have my greatest sympathy - and admiration for sticking it out. with love Helen.

  • Yetibee
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    Thank you Helen much appreciated I have used Diazepam myself and find them to be excellent but doc won't prescribe anymore even the 2mg. I suffer from awful panic attacks myself if I have to leave the house I nearly have to have someone prise my fingers off the doorframe 😪 if you need a friend can message me anytime .

  • duffer
    duffer Member Posts: 45

    goodness yetibee - thank you for the link. have you ever spoken to the people on 'no panic' - they are wonderful. I've also tried 'Mind' - but most of the time they are 'clinical'. no panic are open from 10 until 10 and most of the people have suffered panic attacks. I try hard with a breathing exercise and meditation but it's difficult to do with your mind racing with fear - and in my case - loneliness. yetibee we just need good news and understanding! Is it so much to ask? helen.

  • Yetibee
    Yetibee Member Posts: 10

    Keep going you're not on your own just message if you need to its not a problem X

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