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Hi, my daughter gets Carers allowance for helping me. I had my first vaccination this week. I’ve looked at the groups and it says unpaid Carers are in group 6. Is she classed as an unpaid carer? And has anyone any information about how Carers are put into group 6. Who puts them in that group? Do they automatically go into that if they get Carers allowance?

I rang my surgery about it but they said they had no information . I’m worried that I could still be at risk as I can’t manage unless she comes to my house. She is in my bubble, but she does go to the shops for food ( but not anywhere else right now). She is under 50, so not yet known when she’s likely to be vaccinated unless I can be sure she’s in group 6.

im really anxious about this now as she is my contact with outside. I haven’t seen my son or grandchildren since Christmas.


  • Mike1
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    Apparently your daughter should register with her GP that she is a carer, see -

  • frogmorton
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    Mike is 100% right she needs to get herself marked with a 'carer's flag' at her Drs so she gets called earlier than her age would normally allow.

  • jennand
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    Thanks for advice. I’ll contact our surgery & ask which documents they will need.

  • Mike1
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    You may be able to download the form from their website.

  • Sandy1964
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    My daughter filled in form online on surgeries website. As far as I know you don't need any documents all she should have to do is name date of birth and address. And your name date of birth and address and is the carer registered at the same GP practice. Hope this helps in anyway?

  • Mike1
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    My Home help had her jab yesterday and is now suffering with pains in her neck and shoulders and a general feeling of tiredness.

  • jennand
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    An update. Daughter had a letter from NHS advising her to book an appointment as she is in receipt of Carers allowance. So she didn’t need to inform GP. It seems NHS was informed by DWP. All’s well.

  • YvonneH
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    I think information has been updated recently. Here is a link to the Carer's UK website which seems very comprehensive

    Covid vaccine - FAQs - Carers UK

    Hope that helps

    Yvonne x

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