Old Friend Saying Hello & Asking Question.


Hello all.

I dont know whether anyone on the forum remembers me but i used to login to this forum regularly. That was a few years ago now and it was when i found that i had Kyphoscoliosis and Osteoporosis in my spine and hips. Im still having trouble with that and my last DEXA Scan shownt no change despite being on 70mg Alendronic Acid and Calcium and Vit D Tablets for the past few years. I also had an X-Ray done on my spine and hips and it turns out i have the beginning of Osteoarthritis in both of my hips which leads me onto my Question. I seem to have developed a hard boney lump on the main knuckle joint which joins the index finger onto the palm of my right hand, im wondering whether that has anything to do with the Osteoarthritis?

I hope everyone is keeping safe out there and hoping that old friends i used to talk to are still part of this forum. I hope know one on here has fallen victim to this horrid Coronavirus, stay safe out there.

Thanks 🙂👍️

Just keep swimming ;)