Pain seems to run my life

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Hi im a 50 year old woman i have osteoarthritis in both knees , osteoarthritis in both ankles, tendonitis in my ankles and synovitis in my hands , my surgeon has confirmed i need a full knee replacement on my right leg and a knee cap replacement on my left.

Due to my age they are trying to avoid surgery just yet but its getting more painful and getting worse.

exercise is impossible my legs just dont want to let me do anything the pain is getting unbearable.

My husbands amazing but im finding it hard to explain just how much pain i am in , today its sunny outside but im having a bad day the pain is just too much , im getting so frustrated because i feel like im causing no end of problems with the things i cant do .

Does anyone else feel this way or is just me ?


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    Hi @zuko2515

    Welcome to the Versus Arthritis forum.

    I see that you have osteoarthritis in your in several joints and are likely to require surgery at some point in the future. You are finding that the associated pain is getting worse and exercise difficult.

    I hope that the following links to our website may be useful to you:

    I’m sure that other forum members will be able to share their similar experiences with you which I hope you find beneficial.

    Best Wishes

    ChrisB (Moderator)

    Need more help - call our Helpline on 0800 5200 520 Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm

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    You are so not alone @zuko2515

    I think most of us feel that way, but it gets better well you get better at dealing with it. Managing it really I suppose and working within your limits.

    Let's hope your lovely husband never has to experience the level of pain you are in. I don't know if he is the type to read stuff? If so maybe you could let him look at this?

    It's tough when you are 'young' and need surgery as revisions are more difficult to do than original surgeries, but it can and will be done if it is essential. My own daughter had her shoulder replaced at 19 as it had totally collapsed for instance.

    In the meantime do join in. Everyone here is so lovely and helpful.🙂

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    Hello @zuko2515

    I am in similar position to you and a similar age. There’s a lot of irony in my case as I’m a retired orthopaedic nursing sister! I have active OA in multiple joints and two years ago, after a couple of falls, I sustained acute sciatica to the point I could barely walk. I was spirally downwards, consumed with pain and thought I would never be well again, never be able to get back to my happy new life as an artist.

    I can’t stress enough that you must ask for help....

    I changed my GP to one who would support me through the long haul. I took strong painkillers to be able to start moving again. I sought help from a NHS physio via the GP, private chiropractor to assess my back, psychologist to help me emotionally, and then I had an epiphany where I realised...the only person who was going to get me well was ME! So, I started to exercise in a chair, small movements, I did everything the physio asked me to, I joined a gym, and now I cycle a few miles regularly until I can get back to the gym. But, it’s difficult to do all of this in acute pain so seek help from your GP or orthopaedic surgeon. I am too young to have a TKR too so, I am learning to manage my condition as best as I can. I’m currently using ice twice daily on my irritated joints. Over the last two years, I have reduced my drugs, watched my weight, moved more, and embraced small pleasures. Pain is whatever the patient says it is and it can unbearable, but it doesn’t need to be with the right help. I’ve also read about detaching our emotions from pain. Through our own thoughts, we actually increase our suffering, letting pain be the main focus of our day. We can change how we think about pain and our condition to make the best of our lives and focus on all that we achieved in a day. It’s so easy to wake up and only focus on how much pain we are in and how unhappy it makes us feel. I still have bad days and endure pain but mostly, I have good days. I’ve learned to take short rest breaks between activities, protect and care for my body, learn to work with it.

    Ask for help, seek support from people who love you.

    I hope you find relief for your pain and be able to enjoy life once again.

    Sylvia xx

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    Hello @Sylvia,

    Thank you for your kind response and advice for @zuko2515.

    Just wanted to offer you a warm welcome to the Online Community. Please feel free to keep getting involved and join in where you want. I hope that you will find that this is a safe and welcoming space.

    From what you have shared above, it sounds like you have your fair share of experience with arthritis and all that comes along with it. Your message was really good and I just wanted you know that your attitude towards seeking help and self help is lovely to see.

    Once again, thank you for sharing and I look forward to reading more of your wise words in the future.

    Take care

    Anne (moderator)

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    Thank you Anne. I’m happy to offer positive encouragement where I can. Xx

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    Just had to comment on Sylvia's post - what a wonderful encouraging post it is! I'm 77 and in pain most of the time - refused surgery because of high blood pressure - caused by an unsympathetic and rude 'stand in' consultant during my pre-operative assessment. And I too plan to change my gp - ok I have suffered panic attacks as well during lockdown - all I get is the offer of anti-depressants - 'you imagine things'. I am not depressed and I do not imagine things! I am totally on my own, housebound now for more than a year and yes - in pain!

    Sylvia's post is a wonderful help - thank you so much Sylvia - can't promise to get on a bike but I walk 500 paces every day to keep things moving - and fight the panic as much as I can. Helenxx

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    Changing GP and surgeon worked for me. My latest one is really supportive, and my first surgeon drove me to the depths of despair he was so negative. New surgeon is much more "can do", and I have hope again.

  • duffer
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    Hello Lilymary - more posts offering hope - thank you so much. with love Helen xx

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    I am 81 years old, suffering from various medical conditions. I have arthritis in my right hand, the pain is very bad. I was hoping that I could have a steroid/cortizone injection but I have been told by the medics that nothing can be done. Arthritis is in my right arm and right knee. I use painkillers and Ibrofrofen extra strong gel, which does give some ease Is there anything else I can do, please?

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    Hello @cutanea welcome to the online community.

    It sounds as though you are struggling with very bad pain in your right hand. While you are waiting for our members to get back to you I am going to attach some information about hand and wrist pain which does have some tips which might help:

    There are things you can do to help yourself other than your use of anti-inflammatory medications and gels. If you are right handed, a referral to an Occupational therapist might be useful. She/he can help with things you might now be finding difficult such as opening jars for instance.

    I hope you find the forum helpful please do join in wherever you feel comfortable.

    Best wishes