Psoriatic Arthritis

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Hi - Was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis initially after my first attack of Uveitis about three years ago.

However before I was initially diagnosed I had Costochondritis and Plantar fasciitis but not sure if this was related to the Psoriatic condition.

Since my diagnosis I have had a couple attacks of Uveitis and my three middle toes on each foot have become a little more rigid and slightly achy when weight bearing but no real pain.

However recently my toe on left foot nearest the large toe has swollen which I now believe is Dactylitis.

This is very painful especially when one wants to stride out on a walk.

Have contacted Rheumatology and they have increased my dose of Methotrexate from 15 to 20mg.

So I am reaching out to anyone who has experienced Dactylitis and how they may have managed to bring the condition under control.

I am enthusiastic about exercise and enjoy walking our border terrier but at the moment it is extremely difficult to walk any meaningful distance.

Look forward and appreciate your replies.



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    Hi @MarkT  

    Welcome to the Versus Arthritis forum. 

    I see that you suffer with Psoriatic Arthritis as well as Costochondritis and Plantar fasciitis. More recently you believe that you may have Dactylitis. You’d like to hear from any forum member who has suffered from Dactylitis and how they have coped with it. 

    In searching our website for articles that may be relevant I couldn’t find anything specific to Dactylitis but I hope that the following may be of interest: 



    Hopefully other forum members will be able to provide you with some useful feedback which will allow you to get back to your usual level of exercising. 

    Best Wishes

    ChrisB (Moderator)

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    Hi Mark, some different details but similar story, got diagnosed at 31, 34 now.

    Sometimes having pain in feet and toes that makes walking painful is beyond heartbreaking to me. Walking and hiking have been essential for my mental health and sometimes I catastrophise now.

    I'm on 25mgs methotrexate which isn't doing anything, dactylitis ongoing for... Forever? A year? 8 months? 6? It barely calms down and starts again. They've just put me on adalimumab.

    Do NOT minimise your symptoms when talking to the doctors. Take photos of flare ups. I think I was not treated properly for 2 years (15 mgs methotrexate!!) because docs don't always have experience with PsA.

    Find research data on different treatments and ask docs what their plan is for treating you long term.

  • Hairobsessed123

    Hi @MarkT

    Also have psoriatic arthritis!! I also get the swelling on my fingers and pain under my heal ! Sulfasalazine is helping and I’ve started swimming much less painful than long walks ! I used to love walking but my feet kill so I just do short walks now and go swimming instead !

  • Flycatcher
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    Sounds like swimming is my new thing, I have several pools not too far away, so think I'll manage splendidly, thanks for the tip!

    (the foot pain is real 😢)