Fully vaccinated people can carry as much delta virus as unvaccinated people


  • Lilymary
    Lilymary Member Posts: 1,567

    Which is why I'm still mask wearing etc. I don't want to pass it on unknowingly to someone else who's vulnerable. I wish this message was being put across more. Too many too quick to give up masks.

  • Mike1
    Mike1 Member Posts: 1,992

    It is a nightmare down here, very few holiday makers (we call them "emmets" which is Cornish for "ants") are wearing masks or complying with other protection methods even when signs in shops etc ask them to do so. It has caused a fair amount of animosity amongst locals as some get verbally abusive when challenged. I only go to the village shop once or twice a week on my mobility scooter to get milk, they have a sign up saying "Thankyou for wearing masks" and another which says "You may have had the vaccine but our young staff have not, please think about them", despite that villagers are wearing masks and visitors, in the main, are not.

  • Lilymary
    Lilymary Member Posts: 1,567

    It’s the same up here Mike. The young alpha male types were the first to ditch them. Cos you know, they’re “too ‘ard” for a virus.

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