Kitchen aides (pics) & a question…

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Can people add to my 3 things above which in a short time, have become my must-haves!

Now… A question.. Anyone recognise this key, and know how to use it without giving yourself several days of sore hand+wrist+elbow+shoulder joints?


  • stickywicket
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    Yes, I have those and find them invaluable. Other helpful tools are Oxo Good Grips anything (I love the potato peeler and the masher) and I wouldn't be without my steamer. Both lighter and healthier than pans. Also a lightweight cordless vac.

    Some things need careful thought. I don't recognise your boiler key but, I"m guessing that it needs a push and twist action. If you have a spare (in case this suggestion wrecks it) try gorilla gluing a flat piece of something strong to either side to make the lever longer and able to be used with one hand per side. Then cover the top bit that you push with something really soft. Maybe foam or even bubble wrap. It will look a sight but might work.

  • MrDJ
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    Yup, me got one of the worchester bleed keys.

    and yes, its a bugger to get in once removed.

    my pressure had gone down to just above zero and no matter how i tried i couldnt get the key back in. our boiler is waist hight so i cand bend low enough to see where the lock image is.

    had to wait for british gas boiler service for him to put it in and leave it in for me. then its a simple turn and then the square knob next to it can be turned to build the pressure again. picture below

  • Arthuritis
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    @stickywicket Thank you for your innovative idea! The hard part is not turning it, but either pushing it in or out. But the bubble wrap inspired me to think outside the box! What I need is a mini car jack to get it in & pull it out out!

    Any chance you could post a picture of your fav gadgets?

    @MrDJ Yes, that’s exactly it! The problem is Bosch say you must not leave the key in, even in the open position ready to withdraw. with all the cleverness built in, you’d think they have that as automatic or button press!

  • Arthuritis
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    @stickywicket The steamer sounds great, is it fast?

    At present I use microwave steam bags (Tesco food wrapper aisle) and I love that in 4-5 min I can scissor open a stir fry bag (I can no longer rip open bags), empty the contents into the microwave bag, add some seasoning, teaspoon of water and in 5 min have a delish “stir-fry”!

    Rest of the time I use a blender for green smoothies, but its hard making them not taste like grass. (Poor cows!). There were some online recipes suggesting adding fruit to taste, but that just made it taste worse. So I only add savoury seasoning. Besides I found sugars of any kind rile up my RA, despite the mtx.

  • stickywicket
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    Sorry. It's beyond my brain grade to put up photos but there are plenty in online stores. Steamers come in various styles from most electrical stores and, really, how long they take is a personal choice of how you like your vegetables

  • Arthuritis
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    @stickywicket No prob! I am def getting the Oxo Good Grips and a cordless vac.

    I might look for a reusable microwave steamer.

    I realised I have one of those tiered versions, but I only used it once, too many parts to clean, including the electric base. So maybe a glass microwave steam pan!

  • Ellen
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    This jar/bottle opener was my Mum's I love it!

    Sorry about the state of it it's in almost constant use.

    I also use a chip basket in the water to catch boiled items, pasta potatoes etc so I dont have to carry pans of boiling water to the sink to drain....

    Erm I'll keep thinking...

  • Arthuritis
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    @Ellen Thanks! Much appreciated. Not seen that before, I need one.

    Good idea on chip basket also, I thought there must be a better way than lugging the bowl & trying to drain it, yours is it! ☺️

  • N1gel
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    We had a similar conversation on here last year, Google Independent or Disabled Living Centres (if you've got one that's open near you) they have lots of gadgets you can try before you buy in a mock up kitchen. They're staffed by OT's too.

  • Arthuritis
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    @MrDJ @stickywicket

    Regarding the boiler key, I finally got WB’s official response.

    “Thank you for your enquiry.

    We appreciate they can be difficult to operate, lubricating the black orings with a very small amount of liquid soap will allow a much easier operation of the key but also have also a keyless filling link which is much easier to use, and can be used to replace the existing keyed filling assembly on out condensing boiler range, please see video link below,

    In short, no easy way out, other than an expensive refit.

    I think StickyWicket had a better suggestion!

  • MrDJ
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    lever idea looks great and much easier but as you say it will cost a packet.

    if i had to do mine with the key id have to get on the floor as the bottom of the boiler is just above knee height.

    thing is id still be there next christmas as cant get up thanks to hip and ankle fusions.

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