The Good News Thread

I thought it was time we had some.

As regulars will know, my ancient THR, the one on top of the antediluvian TKR has been making its way towards my pelvis. My consultant has said for a couple of years that they daren't operate on either hip or knee (which has slid round to chat with the other) unless his hand was forced. (No, that's not the good news😉)

Yesterday he told me that there was very little new movement but it now seems to be heading upwards rather than inwards. Better still, I've been growing new bone in the socket above so, although it's very soft stuff, that should slow it down even more. There then ensued the compulsory talk about golf with Mr SW.

I did ask how I was creating the new bone (in the hope of doing more of the same). He smiled and shrugged his shoulders "Probably while you're asleep."

I've no intention of sleeping more. When you get to my age life's short enough anyway. But I shall carry on carrying on and hope something works.

Please add your own good news. We all need it.


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