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Recently diagnosed with inflammatory arthritis in my hands and wrists . Now on methotrexate injections , hydroxychloroquine and another on I can’t spell 🤷‍♀️. Just find it all really scary and painful obviously , terrified of ending up crippled and don’t really have anyone to talk to about it . Finding it all quite depressing anyone else feeling the same ?


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    Hello @Jkemp100 Thank you for contacting and joining the Online Community today 😊. It’s great to meet you. I understand you’ve recently been diagnosed with inflammatory arthritis in your hands and wrists and are now on various medications. I understand having a long-term condition and pain can be difficult and it can cause emotional challenges as well as physical and starting on that journey of treatment can be scary. 

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     Have a look at Living with arthritis. We have posts from many members who live with arthritis and share your concerns and I'm sure you will be able to find some answers for your situation, if not, start a new discussion to ask your question!  

     Take care


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    Hi @Jkemp100 im in the same boat had you. I was diagnosed with inflammatory arthritis they think rheumatoid. I’ve have it in my hands and wrist my ankles to can be very painful. I’ve had 2 injections I’m starting on medication soon hydroxychloroquine. I’m finding things hard at the moment I’ve been like this for 6 months now I use to be fit and healthy now all of sudden I’m not walking like I use to my hands are swollen. I feel very fed up in myself and keep thinking why me. I’ve been coming on the past few days reading other peoples post and I’ve put a couple on myself the people are great on here and the support you get. Try to be kind to yourself and read post on here your not alone.

    take care x

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    Hi @Jkemp100

    It is a very scary time when you have a new diagnosis. I see that @clare73 feels the same as you. It would be great if you could support each other.

    Here's a link you might find helpful

    Take care

    Yvonne x

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    Hi @clare73 thank you for your reply , I’ve been feeling exactly the same , why me ? It’s not fair, and getting angry etc , can be quite depressing at times . I don’t want this and want it gone !! Same as you I was very fit and healthy one day and then suddenly one day last year my fingers started to swell and it was agony and got to the point where I couldn’t even hold my toothbrush, let alone dress myself 🤦‍♀️. I was in soo much pain . I still don’t understand why it came on out of the blue and no one can seem to answer that .

    I do now have a fantastic rheumatology nurse though who is amazing and really has helped a lot she’s very honest and gives me a lot of time at appointments, I am on methotrexate injections and hydroxychloroquine and I have had steroid injections in my fingers and wrists . To be honest it only seems to be these that work.

    I do hope you get some benefit from the medication and stabilise a bit , I understand completely where your at and I know how hard it is to get head around it all .

    let me know how you get on , take care x