A bit fed up

I was so very much better a few weeks ago, not much pain in my knee and back and able to walk on the flat for a few miles.

Had a very bad fall last week hitting elbows, knees and then face on gravel. Loads of initial pain but that seemed to wear off and I was almost back to feeling pretty ok. Then earlier this week my knee became very much more painful as does the back of that thigh and also into my back. The only thing that has happened apart from the fall was that I did one of the exercises given to me by my physio which involves lying on one side and bending the outer knee up towards my back. This really did hurt and since then the pain has been constant.

Not sure if it’s the fall or the exercise but I’m well brasses off as I can walk hardly anywhere now. Coming downstairs is awful for the bad knee. Due to go to Italy next Saturday…


  • Lilymary
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    Im not surprised you’re fed up. You’ve had a lot to deal with. I’m struggling to picture what your physio has asked you to do, but it sounds tortuous! Given your trip next week, I might suggest you give your body time to rest and heal, with just very gentle exercises meanwhile, eg join in with Leon and his mum (Let’s move with Leon) or some gentle tai chi if you’re up to it. A cold compress on your knee might help meanwhile, to take down any swelling in the strained tissues.

  • nicholaj
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    I am lucky enough to t be able to afford a private physio whom I’ve been saying for years. I told her my ‘story’ this morning and she said that the fall followed by perhaps an over enthusiastic go at an exercise has jarred my knee and back. She did lots of lovely manipulation, massage and acupuncture and reassured me that there was nothing seriously wrong. Felt very reassured.

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