OA but aching pain all over

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I had OA in my hip, with full THR 12 months ago, which is still work in progress, sadly, but at a fairly active 62 years old the rest of my body isn’t too badly affected, all things considered. As background info, I also had a short course of radio therapy 2 months ago.

But after a few busy days at work my body just aches and hurts all over, from end to end. I’m the type who finds it helpful to understand what my body is doing and why, but this one has me stumped. Apart from the obvious, ie feeling a bit tired, I don’t understand what is causing such widespread pain. Any ideas?

and while I’m asking questions, I get why my operated leg is stiff as a board if I've been sitting too long, but why does the rest of me join in the robot routine till I've got myself moving again?


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    Hi@Lilymary I am so sorry to hear that you are hurting and aching all over. All I can think of is that your body is rebelling from your few busy days. Please take care of yourself, resting as well as stretching gently if you are able. I sincerely hope that this flare up eases soon xx

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    If it persists @LizB12 I would suggest back to the Drs for advice. Hopefully if you take @Lilymary 's advice on board maybe it will ease off fingers 🤞 crossed for you.

    Take care

    Toni xx

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