Foot pain.

Have foot problems,they burn up,go pink,worse in the summer.Tried opiates,antidepressants,they really take away more than they give,putting my feet into cold water,that helps but 20 mins later back to square one.Have some supports in my shoes,that may help a bit but it still took two hours to get to sleep.Also have hip and lower back pain.Hate excercise,but I am going out for a half hour walk daily,and today started meditation.Doctor says it's just wear and tear.Has given me 3 months free therapy at the local leisure center but I have an anxiety problem and I just can't face it.


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    Hello @auroric

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    So you have been having problems with your feet, specifically more in the summer than any other time of year where they burn up and go pink. You also have hip and lower back pain. Your doctor says that it is wear and tear. You have tried opiates and anti depressants but you find they tale more away from you than help. You hate exercise but have been trying to go out every day for a walk. Your doctor has arranged 3 months of free therapy at your local leisure centre but you have terrible anxiety and can not face going.

    Have you been given any diagnosis with regards to your feet? I understand that the doctor has said wear and tear but only having problems with your feet in the summer months does not sound like normal wear and tear. I understand having a dislike for exercise and it is really great that even though you do dislike it, you are getting out each day. That's really commendable. I think that if I was in your shoes, I would go back to the doctors to discuss the problems with your feet and your anxiety so that you can access the free therapy provided for you.

    I've attached a couple of links below that I think could be useful to you. Please do have a look when you have a moment.

    Please do let us know how you are getting on and please do continue to stay involved with the online community. We are a friendly bunch, always looking to make new friends.

    Take care

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