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I am 63 and have arthritis in my spine. I have had lots of injections and other treatments for pain. I work 3 days with autistic young adults and this is about as much as I can do. Because I have saved some money I cant get any financial help. I was advised to claim disability by a consultant. I had the assessment over the phone but obviously was to honest and was turned down. I have now been referred to a surgeon who will be doing something to reduced the pain. Has anyone else had the same problems or were any of you sucssful.


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    Hi @Spud63

    Welcome to the Online Community, it's great to have you here. You are looking for financial help but your savings are stopping you getting means tested benefits. Your assessment over the phone didn't go well.

    It sounds like you could claim PIP (Personal Independence Payment) as that is not means tested. When you apply, if you can, get help from an agency like Citizen's Advice or Turn2us. The NRAS (National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society) have produced a booklet about PIP as well.

    With regard to managing pain here is our link to managing pain

    I do hope the surgeon can come up with some help for you soon. Do post on any specific problems in our Living with Arthritis category and members will be able to help you with those

    Take care


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    Hi Steve

    I don’t know if you have done but you can apply for pip. If you get turned down you can ask them to look at your claim again which I did and was successful in my claim. I would advise to get assistance with filling out the claim form. Hope all goes well

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    Thanks for replying. I did apply for PIP and when I was turned down I was so upset I didn't really listen to the person on the phone. Do you think I should apply again?

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