When it hits you all at once 🙁

Just having an absolute blah day....new to RA & been on Methotrexate for couple of months now & still getting daily achy joints & swelling in most of joints, is this normal ? & The fatigue is constant 🙄 I'm usually such an "up" kinda person but feeling so teary...My husband recently came home from hospital after a stroke & as his carer already my work load has increased plus damp weather I'm wondering if maybe it's just that 🤔 seeing my consultant next Friday but any help or suggestions would be gladly received ☺️


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    Methotrexate takes a while to take effect so it may be that you need to be on It for a bit longer before you notice much difference. Perhaps your consultant can suggest something to ease the pain in the meantime. I've been on it for nearly a year now and the joints are much better than they were, but I still get tired much more easily and can be a bit weepy as well, although not as often as at the beginning. Looking after your husband as well as coping with RA is quite a challenge and I'm not surprised you feel a bit overwhelmed. Try not to think it's up to you to do everything. In your circumstances I would be looking for all the help I can get - family, friends, health service, social care etc. My sister was great when I was diagnosed because I could get things off my chest knowing she wouldn't mind me having a good moan and because I knew that I didn't feel the need to moan quite as much!

    I hope your consultant can offer some help and you can always have a good moan on here because we all try to support each other. Good luck.

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    Thankyou so much for replying & it's made me feel not so much alone with this, it's good to find out from people who have experienced these things & knowing that in time things shld get better ☺️ my family are supportive but unfortunately live far away but I do have a few good friends close by & I just need to accept more help...I did alot of high impact exercise & walking before this but finding it difficult now because of pain & weather not been good for walking but have got myself some low impact exercise DVD's so will try these as know it lifts my mood & read gentle exercise is good, think I also need to take some time out for myself,I live in Salisbury & my favourite place to go to relax for the day is Bournemouth so planning a bus journey there as soon as weather permits ☺️ think being diagnosed can be quite lifestyle changing & maybe I need to allow myself some time to get my head around it all & make some positive decisions which in turn can lift my mood ☺️

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    hi. I’m recently diagnosed with R A. I have been prescribed Sulphasalazine.

    this damp weather isn’t helping me either. I know I probably need to wait a while longer before my meds kick in, but since finishing my course of steroids, I feel the pain is slowly coming back. I don’t want to ring the hospital helpline, because I feel like a nuisance.

    it does get me down. Like you I am such a positive person normally.

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    Thanks for replying, yes like you I've been off steroids now for 2 weeks & definitely feel the pain has come back since then 🙄 really don't want to go back on them if possible though & yes looks like just need to give the other medication time to work properly...but just don't feel like myself anymore if that makes sense, gone from someone who walked everywhere, enjoyed Zumba classes, always known as the bubbly, happy, positive friend & now just feel exhausted all the time....sure it will improve in time but will speak to someone at the hospital Friday at my appointment, let's hope things improve for us both soon, take care x

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    I think you're doing really well considering everything you have to deal with. I was also very fit and active (for my age) before this hit me, and at the beginning I struggled to do much at all, although I did force myself to walk the dog every day and I think getting outside is a good thing in itself. I can walk much further now and can get out and about on my tricycle. I gave up two wheels when I broke my hip and had to have a replacement but the trike feels a lot more stable and I don't worry so much about falling off. What I'm really saying is that you learn to adapt and you don't have to give up all the things you enjoyed, just pace yourself a bit more and be prepared to do things a bit differently. You certainly have the right attitude and I'm sure you'll find ways of living with RA. Let's how you get on with your appointment.

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    Thankyou, It's early days for me & seem to be in constant flare up but hearing from people like you gives me hope for the future x

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    I was diagnosed with RA just over a year ago and to be honest it takes a while to sink in and learn not to overdo things. I'm still working full time and I have to be in bed by 9pm every night to ensure I get proper rest. I also can't do certain stuff I did before like hiking. I also have to ask friends and family to help me do stuff like move furniture whereas before I could rearrange my entire house on my own in a day!!

    Don't overdo it. Don't feel guilty because you're tired and most importantly don't get stressed about anything which I know is very difficult to train yourself not to. Hope some of that helps and I wish you luck. Take care

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    Hello @LadyP

    welcome to thecommunity and thank you for sharing your very sound advice. Not over doing it and asking for help a really good advice indeed.

    Best Wishes