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Hi, so i was diagnosed with arthritis in my left hip a while back now and pretty much left with some exercises from the physio, basic medications and told to lose weight (isn't everyone).

Since then i have been going to Pilates classes weekly which i find is very helpful as i can walk out of the class so much better than when i walked in. My hip pain overall has been getting much worse however. I now no longer can swim, walk far or generally exercise. Even walking through my house is difficult. I have a crutch to use when out and about and i furniture walk through the house but struggle to do basic activities, but have to as i am a mum (and we are apparently super human)

I am now receiving PIP but not the mobility part as they feel i can walk well enough (?, assessment done over the phone) i struggle to get in and out of the car if i cannot open the door wide enough.

recently i have been told they want to refer me for the next step to getting a hip replacement but i have to show i can lose some weight first. This is where i am getting stuck. HELP, how do i do this? Its hard enough trying to cook basic meals as it is without having to do different things for my family and myself as the kids really do not need to diet. I have been attempting to have smaller portions, reducing carb intake and not snacking but nothing is really working. What else can i do, any suggestions welcome as i really need to get this referral to get a normal life back.


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    First, I congratulate you on getting to the point where surgery is being considered! I am experiencing all you describe (also in my left hip, very limited mobility, severe pain), and have been for a LONG time. Doctors just seem to be prescribing the same old, ineffective routine of injections or PT. It is beyond aggravating! They have not come out and said that my weight is an issue with surgery, but my common sense tells me that carrying less weight on the joint should help. I got so desperate for some sort of relief that I decided to basically starve myself--one low-calorie meal per day & protein shakes to make sure I got necessary nutrients. I did start to lose weight, but it was just not sustainable (especially for someone who LOVES food!). Your post came a day after I decided to try again, not starving, but counting calories & making healthier food choices. Didn't start out great, as yesterday I was tempted by cookies, but I need to keep trying. I will be looking for the suggestions to be found here, and hoping to find encouragement to see me through those weak moments. Thanks!

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    Hi @TLee I know this doesn't help lose weight directly but healthier eating has to help I hope

    Good luck


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    Hi, thank you for sharing. its so annoying being told to lose weight without being given any other support. I have a very good GP surgery and have previously spoken with them about my weight as i have been struggling over past couple of years due to being a comfort eater especially when stressed and due to other personal reasons there is a lot of stress in my life right now. I was told to book onto the local 12 week adult weight management course run by NHS i believe. this is mainly calorie counting and talking through lots of different things to do with weight, unfortunately i was not in the right frame of mind to do it at that time so never really benefitted, although a lot of others did really well. Since that did not work for me i am pretty much being left to it although i will be seeing gp again soon to talk through any other options available. Good luck with your journey to being pain free and i hope you get some good advice on here also.