Nose bleeding profusely at night


I was diagnosed with post traumatic osteoarthritis in my left ankle in 2017. Had problems with sleep and concentration afterwards and was told it was fibromyalgia. I was nose bleeding from one nostril and was having a flue like feeling just before the nose bleed which wakes me up. At first doctors said its fibro fog and all this will go away in due time. 5 years down the line now it has started again. Could it be possible that i had a head internal injury causing this bleed from one nostril? Also the way i forget things has increased to such a level that worries me. I have to do things in a specific way or minimize things i do in order for me not to forget. Anyone who can help who went through this problem as well your help will be greatly appreciated.


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    Sorry to hear about your different health issues. I had nose bleeds when my blood pressure was too high. Have you had yours checked regularly? If not, it might be worth considering. I’d certainly tell your doctor about the bleeding and everything else, as it’s important that they have the full picture of your symptoms. If your GP thinks you have anxiety but you think you have something else, you can always ask for a second opinion from another GP. Anxiety can present in different ways but it’s also useful to know that some physical conditions can present as anxiety. Good luck with getting the help you need.

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    Anyone can have the occasional nosebleed but, if it's a recurring thing as opposed to a one-off, I think you should get medical advice too. It's probably nothing but better safe than sorry. Let's know how it goes and good luck.

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    Thank you. Went for a second opinion as my Gp at one point said I was being nonsensical about the complaints I had. It really hurt alot and ended up telling him that I'd prefer to be attended by someone else as long as it wasn't him. Got x-rays done and realized that even the upper back I was complaining about was due to scoliosis.

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    Thank you got checked out and still getting treatments. The docs had missed out my head injury at the time of the accident hence I had headaches and nose bleeds. The bleeding stopped though I still have headaches but not as bad as before.