Diagnosis and medication

Hi I was wondering if I could ask how people were diagnosed, what tests were done etc for a diagnosis. Also what medication your on and how affective it is?

I have been diagnosed with hip arthritis, I’m in pain 24/7 and no medication seems to work. I was considering asking for a CT scan as I’m concerned it’s more than arthritis.

Thank you in advance


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    I was diagnosis with OA in my right hip at drs surgery just before Christmas. Was referred to the muscular skeletal team at the same time amd now have an appointment for assessment 20 March. X-ray last week. Results take forever. I currently take gabapentin for cervical nerve pain and that was increased. Also Codeine 30mg plus paracetamol up to 8 a day spaced at least an hour apart of each other to keep me topped up. Add on voltorol or similar cream plus my tens machine but pain is still very bad.especially at night. Will be back to go later.

    Trish xx

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    Which medical problem are you thinking of that’s worse than arther? You’re in the system now let the medical staff do their job, worrying about a medical problem that hasn’t been diagnosed is a pathway to greater anxiety.

    it’s a grin, honest!

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    I was diagnosed fairly recently with osteoarthritis from a blood test that showed no markers for rheumatoid arthritis plus my symptom descriptions, so more by a process of elimination than anything else - I wasn't offered anything except a suggestion that if paracetamol stopped working to go back for something stronger. I'm in pain but not to the extent you are but I totally understand your concerns, seems to me it's a fairly normal reaction, I felt the same thing but after a couple of weeks spent utterly obsessed with what might happen I began to think about what I can do with my grumbling - or should that be crumbling lol - skeleton. If a CT scan would put your mind at rest then ask your GP to refer you, you might find that discussing it with him / her is all you need to stop worrying and that is you on a path to managing the stress this illness causes. I found that just being told to stop fretting wasn't in the least helpful but being told to let things settle and talk to people was very helpful indeed. Take your time and don't be pushed into how other people think you should be feeling.

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    i was concerned about cancer and my gp had referenced it due to other symptoms I was experiencing. It’s all very well saying your in the system let the medical staff do their thing, but if you don’t persue with your gp sometimes nothing gets done. I did have further tests after suffering other symptoms and fortunately the results were that there was no other reason for my pain. But Thankyou for you feedback.

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    Hi, I was diagnosed by a physiotherapist because there were no doctors available for 5 weeks. It was another 6 months of being told everyone over 45 has osteoarthritis take paracetamol. I virtually camped out at my doctors to get the scans and medication I need. I've seen more students than actual doctors. Finally after also being diagnosed with hip bursars too, 12 months on I had it confirmed. Hip arthritis.

    I was prescribed Cocodomol 30/500g 2 tabs 4 times a day and Ibuprofen if still in pain. Plus Voltoral.

    I do my hip exercises every day.

    But honestly it's a struggle some days and nights can be worse.

    My GP surgery has not been very good. I know they are busy but attitude has been disgraceful on occasion.

    I get all my support here. And information. Just talking to people that know what it's like is a godsend.

    It's a constant learning curve. And now my doctors are being difficult as they won't prescribe me any more Cocodomol but can't see me until mid August to offer an alternative.

    Stay in touch on here though as there are loads of things you can learn from others.


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    Hi @Joanns22,

    Just to throw my hat into the ring in an attempt to answer your questions - this was how I was diagnosed and what I do for pain relief.

    I went to see my GP in March last year aged 55 complaining about my knees which were aching, swollen, hot, throbbed, gave way on occasion and I was picking up frequent hamstring strains. He ordered XRays and in June it was confirmed I had moderate OsteoArthritis in both knees, in fact the results showed I had no cartilage left under both kneecaps and there wasn't much left between the tibias and fibias either. I was prescribed Naproxen as an Anti-Inflammatory, Omeprazole to protect the stomach lining and referred to the surgery's Physio who devised an exercise and stretches plan to follow daily. I had a follow-up with the GP who referred me for Steroid injections which were unpleasant and didn't work as there wasn't really enough cartilage to inject into.

    The Naproxen was helping with inflammation but wasn't dealing with the pain which was preventing me from doing the physio, exercises and the sport I had enjoyed so I began a long journey to find what I could try which may help me improve my condition.

    Fast forward to April 2023 and although my condition has deteriorated (now upgraded to severe OA and referred for a double TKR), I am able to do so much more than I could this time last year.

    I've broken down the management of my OA into 3 core areas - pain management, diet and exercise. I take a broad range of natural supplements to deal with inflammation and provide pain relief, gels such as FlexiSeq and Tiger Balm plus other treatments such as a TENS machine, deep tissue massaging gun, knee supports and Acupuncture. My diet includes things like dark green leafy veg, Salmon, eggs and lots of Olives. The veg and fish are good for inflammation, the olives include a natural ingredient with properties very similar to Ibuprofen.

    Effective pain management means I can do the physio and sports I love and have a decent quality of life. This time last year I had days where I could barely make it down the stairs of a morning. In March this year I climbed to the summit of Pen y Fan, the highest mountain in South Wales and I managed that without any walking poles or sticks.

    If it hadn't been for a desperate phone call into the Versus Arthritis hotline I'd never have known about the options available to manage and improve my condition. Ultimately, it's down to us as individuals to help ourselves because there's only so much the health professionals can do and many GPs have no clue whatsoever.

    This community, this website is so brilliant - the content and advice is a total Godsend!

    So, in summary @Joanns22 I believe there are a lot of options you can look at for better pain management but it'll take a lot of research and tiral and error because some things work, some things don't and some things make it worse. Fortunately, everything you need to know can pretty much be found on this website.

    Hope some of these help and good luck!