Vaping and methotrexate and hydroxychloroquin

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Hi, I’m new to this group and have rheumatoid arthritis. I am on the above medication and wanted to know if anyone has had any adverse reactions by using a vape whilst on methotrexate and hydroxychloroquin. I am trying to stop smoking which is why I’m asking. Thanks in advance.



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    Hi @Mel67

    Welcome to the online community,its good you are asking questions and seeking advice.

    You Wrote that you are vaping and on medication methotrexate and hydroxychloroquin.and wondered if any one has had adverse reactions with both vaping and medication.

    here is a link hat may help.

    Please go on line and talk to others they may have more information and its always good to chat.Do keep in touch and tell us how you get on.

    All the best Christine

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    Interesting, @Mel67 . I don't recall anyone asking that before and it's good that you're trying to get off smoking as that's known to make RA worse and even cause it. I used to smoke when I was diagnosed (at 15!) and I suspect it at least played a part.

    I gave up years ago when pregnant with my first son, who is now 52. I also take meth and hydroxy. The only article I could find is this one from the reliable NRAS

    I think the jury is probably still out on vaping but, as we know tobacco is bad, vaping is àlmost certainly better though probably your best bet will be to get off it all completely. If vaping helps you to do that then go for it.

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    Hi thank you. I’m pleased you managed to stop. The link you posted is for a phone case on Amazon though lol. 😀. I was hoping that someone in here is vaping as I’ve not tried it yet to help stop smoking. Thanks again

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    Whoops! Sorry. This is what I meant to send

    If at first you don't succeed, then skydiving definitely isn't for you.
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    Hi @Mel67

    Ive been on 20mg methotrexate for 23 years but not on hydroxy.

    I smoked 20-30 a day for 37 years and my rhumy consultant always said to get off the cancer sticks.

    8 years ago i did and gave up overnight. when i told him he hugged me and was over the moon. Not one doctor ive seen since has said i need to stop due to the many meds im on for arthritis be it ostio, rhumatoid,anky spon and psoriatic which i have all of them. I dont intend to give up anytime soon as its more a hoby now helping others quit the cigs.

    The best thing i ever did was join a vaping forum to get advice and im still on there helping others. I gave up overnight 8 years ago on 18mg nicotine eliquid and its the best move i ever made. within a month i had cut down to 3mg and stuck there ever since. Vaping is 95% safer than smoking but sadly there are so many fake storys out there that the papers always pick up on.

    Put it this way, would cancer research uk be pro vaping if there was a risk, and would hospitals be opening vape stores on nhs property if there was realy a risk.

    I wont post here just in case of rules but if you want forum info just reply and ill message you.