Hello, I've been newly diagnosed with arthritis in both knees

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So at the end of March, I was diagnosed with arthritis in both knees, I have suffered from pain for quite a while and it's gradually gotten worse over the last 6-9months, I gave in and spoke with the GP when I could get an appointment and was diagnosed with arthritis in both knees. The GP has referred me to a specialist.

It's knocked me for six as my job is a high demanding as I work as security and the patrols are killing my knees. However, the company I'm working for are actually trying to help redeploy me to a less physically demanding position.

I know this will help but it feels like my life has been turned upside down but at least I know what is causing the pain.


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    Welcome to the forum, @swinfengreen .

    After suffering pain in your knees for sometime, you have been diagnosed as having osteoarthritis by your GP. A consultant consultation is awaited.

    Luckily, your employer is looking to find you a less physically demanding role.

    Here is some information on the condition:


    on managing your pain:


    and what might help you to deal with the emotional turmoil you are feeling.



    You are now a member of a welcoming and supportive community. Keep reading and posting to letus know how you get on.

    Tom, Moderator.

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    Welcome @swinfengreen

    It is quite a shock when given a diagnosis such as yours. Inevitably, images of the worst possible scenarion come to mind. I know I imagined myself in a wheelchair as soon as I was told I had Rheumatoid Arthritis at 33. Anyway, here I am over 40 years later living a full and active life (no marathons mind) grateful for the amazing advances that have been made in managing arthritis.

    Someone once said to me "Remember, you have arthritis, arthritis doesn't have you." I have always tried to relish the things I can do, rather than regret the things that are noe beyond me.

    Best of luck.


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    Hi Swinfengreen,

    You're in the shock and awe stage following the diagnosis of a life-altering condition and it's totally natural that you'll experience a whole range of emotions as you come to terms with what this means to you and how you live the rest of your life.

    There's a lot to take in and it's a steep learning curve but the resources available on this website and the support I've found to be invaluable. My first piece of advice is to know your condition and how to manage it which is broadly split into 2 areas - pain management and exercise. Exercising and Physio will help to strengthen the joints to aid stability and keeping active is healthy to boot, effective pain management will help you do the exercising and physio and that will most likely be a mixture of prescribed anti-inflammatories and naturally sourced supplements. I've found a TENS machine to be very good and a deep tissue massaging gun, these are both available from high street pharmacies. In your case with a job which keeps you on your feet I'd be wearing elasticated knee supports as a starter for 10.

    I would recommend you speak with your surgery about a referral to a physio for a personalised physio plan, this will involve exercises and stretches you can do at home. It will be hard at first but get easier over several months if followed regularly.

    Lastly, you will most likely have good and bad days, it's just par for the course with this condition but get the exercise, physio and medication right then these may gradually become less frequent and more manageable.

    Please do check in to let us know how you're getting on.



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    Hi i also work in the security industry , i have osteoarthritis , psoraitic arthritis and agressive inflamatory arthritis. standing and or patroling for 12 hours at a time is taking its toll. im currently on pregabalin and co-coadamol for pain ( which dosent touch the sides ) its gotten to the point where im thinking what is the point any more

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    Hey, @ant1982 the patroling is what's doing me in, up and down stairs all day, I don't mind the hours. Thankfully my manager is being helpful and hopefully will be moving me to a less physically demanding site soon, I'm looking at getting off the frontline completely. Frontline security and arthritis are not a good pairing at all.

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    Thank you all for making me feel welcome and for your supportive comments. I'm seeing the specialist on Thursday, so hopefully, I will get more information and support on what I can do. I'm just taking it one day at a time and there is a lot of information to read through and understand, so thanks again

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    Hi @ant1982 , I have osteoarthritis in my left knee and my right hip . I was on pregabalin and codeine for the pain and I found it didn’t touch the sides either . So I asked the doctor to change my medication and it changed to gabapentin and tramadol , which I found better with the pain as I was on my feet for eight hours a day.it obviously didn’t get rid of the pain but it was better. Don’t give up , I know exactly how you are feeling. Apologies @NSG2023 for jumping in on your post.

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    Hi I’m totally with you,I’m in virtually the same boat as you,

    iv just started my meds ,which take quite some time to kick in properly,I’m also taking steroids with them ,which help to a degree,I’m going through a whole range of emotions,but putting my faith in the science, I’m self employed and in construction I can’t do a thing,I’m so lucky I have a truly wonderful wife who does everything for me,without her I really don’t know what I’m supposed to do,I currently have terrible swelling to my left leg ,and generally stiff and sore everywhere,nights are a nightmare,so my message is your not the only one,and get the meds sorted and do everything your told,ice and heat joints,flex as much as possible,I don’t use cocodomal it has to many negatives,I stick to paracetamols,good luck I’m sure you’ll get through it,there are some real success stories,and we can be a couple more,Phill

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    Hi I know exactly how you feel.i have bad OA in my right knee, 56 year old.Had full knee replacement February 2023.As of know my knee has reduced movement but my job in horticultural is physical.off work for 3.5 months. Options until i retire= clueless! The average age is in the 65+ range so about or has retired.What Options for another 11 years work.