How is everyone.

Hi peeps.

not been on here for a bit. Been wondering how everyone is doing.

currently on some steroids, whilst taking Methotrexate hopefully kicks in. I have been enjoying not being in shed loads of pain. Getting some sleep albeit less than six hours, it’s been better quality.

Hope everyone is doing well, and have been enjoying some better weather😊


  • Wenwoo
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    Glad you’re getting some relief from your steroids I hope it’s not too long before your methotrexate kicks in. The world feels a better place when we’ve had some quality sleep things are more manageable.

    Take care and continue to enjoy the sunshine


  • frogmorton
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    Morning Woofy thanks for asking I am not too bad at all ☺️

    I hope your MTX kicks in ready for when you stop those steroids.

    Toni x

  • Baloo
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    Thank you for asking. I'm doing without painkillers so I can focus on a new set of physio exercise for my knees, but my sleeping pattern has gone into hospital mode, I lie down and I'm gone for hours, wake up in the night to do something, and go back to bed. Not much is getting done.

    One machine at the gym a week has set me up for being able to climb stairs and get into mini busses every day, so I have become a believer in expecting a big mobility improvement from the right physio.

    Meanwhile I decided on seeing the doc about doing more at the gym. He ordered knee X-rays and provided a physio referral.

    The knee physio might set me up for getting on the bicycle or at least getting out of a chair easier. Who knows. It's the first time I had a set of knee physio exercises. He says the knee X-ray is only showing a minor deterioration. It seems to be a question of wait and see with a good chance of improvement.

  • Jock1
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    Hi @Woofy

    same situation, week 5 today on the MTX while on the Steroids, steadying the pain and getting at leat 5 hrs sleep now.

    fingers crossed it works 🤞

  • Woofy
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    Hi jock1. What dose steroids have they given you. This time round I’m on a lower dose,but over a longer time to give MTX time to hopefully kick in. Like you I am getting some sleep at last, albeit I’m still awake anywhere between 4-6 am. I get up I don’t stay in bed. How are you finding the methotrexate?

  • Jock1
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    I’m on 10mg daily steroid at the moment, 20mg once a week on the MTX.

    funnily enough I’m the same with the sleeping, up at 4-6am, I just get up now.

    No ill effects from the MTX so far, slight fatigue around 2-3 days after taking it but that’s about it.

    The Rheumatologist is talking about upping the dose this week of MTX and starting to cut the steroid so we’ll see how that goes.

  • Jock1
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    Hi @Woofy

    just back from the Rheumatologist today, as I suspected, upped MTX to 25mg and cut steroids back to 5mg from Saturday (my MTX day).

    just waiting now, and see if dropping 5mg of Prednisone a day brings back a flare up,

    fingers crossed it doesn’t.

  • Dennison72
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    Hello there

    I am in week 6 of Mtx and Hydroxychloroquine for my RA. I feel I still have a long way to go but yes sleep definitely helps. How are you feeling now?