Facet joint arthritis

I have osteoarthritis in my hips but my consultant think my symptoms of mild pain, stiffness and inability to walk far are more due to my lower back. Possibly facet joint arthritis.

Does anyone have this and what are your symptoms?

I am so fed up with not being able to walk further than the end of the road before my left foot starts dragging and I limp my way home.


  • Naomi33
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    Morning @ScaryMary

    Sorry to hear you are in so much pain.

    Maybe the following links would be of use ??

    Five ways to help manage back pain | Versus Arthritis

    What helps hip pain? | Versus Arthritis

    Take care @naomi1933

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  • ScaryMary
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    Thank you. I saw my consultant this morning and the MRI shows arthritis in my low spine and both hips. The plan is injections in my hips to help detect if they are the root cause of pain.

    Does anyone have experience of this?

  • Trish9556
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    Hi @ScaryMary

    I also have lower back pain with my hip and pelvic pain. Spent over an hour in agony in the MRI machine yesterday and eagerly waiting for a call from my physio with the results. I always assumed it was from using my crutches so will wait and see as she was insistent I needed an MRI there as well

    Love n hugs

    Trish xx

  • frogmorton
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    Best of luck @Trish9556 with your results maybe there will be a plan afterwards.

    @ScaryMary I hope the injections really help. They should prove it one way or another. Let us know what happens ((()))


  • Trish9556
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    Thanks @frogmorton

    Whatever the plan is I hope it is undertaken quickly and the end result works! Like everyone here I'm fed up with arthritis and feeling sick with pain

    Love n hugs

    Trish xx

  • ScaryMary
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    Thank you. The injections are scheduled for 20th September.

  • frogmella
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    I had facet joint arthritis and was fused 10 years ago. Been great since until my hip now started playing up. I now need a thr. Anyway I’ve since been doing a lot of research into thr after spinal fusion (I’m worried about increased risk of dislocation) and found out that the two tend to fail together quite often.

    From what I’ve read if both things need fixing it’s generally considered best to get hips done before spine.

    I wish you luck. I had quite the spine journey so became very well informed to fight my corner. I’m happy to share anything I learnt.

  • ScaryMary
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    I saw the consultant this week. From the injections it's clear that my hips are the main problem. I had 3 weeks following the injections when my hips felt free and no stiffness. So now it looks like I need 2 hip replacements.

    Has anyone had experience of having 2 done, how long between each surgery?

  • gilly59
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    I too have problems with my facet joints since a spinal fusion 13 years ago, no one seems interested since physio and pain clinic did not help. Originally I was given steroid injections with the aid of x ray which gave relief, but now they have stopped doing this as research said it did not help. It helped me!! but no where will do it now. Maybe I will talk to my consultant when I see him next about hip injections?

  • Nurina
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    Hi @ScaryMary

    As others say, my pain has radiated to the lower back and I really don't know which pain is worse. After visiting the surgeon, he has suggested to have both hips replaced simultaneously because I have both hips very bad, the recovery times are just a little bit longer. It's not a normal procedure and it's only done in special cases. If you have a hip better than the other, usually it's around 6 months between both surgeries but with the NHS waiting list, I don't know.

    Take care


  • ScaryMary
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    Thank you Nurina.

    Has anyone had a robotic hip replacement ? My consultant has suggested it.