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I have recently been diagnosed with rhuemetoid arthritis. I am on steroid treatment at the moment and about to start some other medication shortly.

I am very apprehensive and worried about my future life. Will I be able to get back to normal life?


  • Ellen
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    Hello @AngelaHH welcome to the online community.

    I see you have a very recent diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) and are taking steroids while waiting to start some treatment.

    You are likely to be given a Disease Modifying Anti-Rheumatic drug (DMARD). Here is some information about DMARDs which you might find helpful:

    A diagnosis like this can understandably make us very apprehensive and worried. Luckily you are in the right place, everyone here has Arthritis in one form or another and will support you. You are not alone.

    Versus Arthritis have put together this information for people newly diagnosed and hope it might be useful to you while you wait to hear back from some of our members:

    My very best wishes @AngelaHH


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    Hi @AngelaHH

    Lovely to meet you. Of course you're scared any normal person would be. I still remember how I felt when this first kicked off for me.

    For most of us after some trial and error 'they' find us a treatment plan which works and controls the disease without impacting too much on our daily lives. All being well your first drug will be the one for you.

    Steroids appear to be a miracle cure don't they? But they are a double-edged sword and long term cause other issues.

    I wish I could tell you that you'll get your old life back, but I can't (partly because we are all different and I don't know how you'll respond to treatment) all I know is I thought my life was over when this happened to me. I thought I would ruin my husband's life (he likes to travel) embarrass my children and be in a wheelchair within the year. Luckily the only thing that came true was embarrassing the kids which had nothing to do with the Arthritis!

    Coming here almost saved my life - I had become an arthritis bore not planning nay thing incase I had a flare. Going on about it all the time to family and friends not thinking that they were worried too.

    My advice? keep talking and get reliably informed. Look after yourself, eating healthily, don't gain weight (I actually lost it at first) and keep moving. There are exercises on the main Versus Arthritis site which are really gentle to keep the muscles etc strong to support your joints.

    Take very good care do stuff you enjoy - reading a nice bath and pop in here anytime to chat to us lot.

    Toni x

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    I’m newly diagnosed too - no idea what the future holds so totally understand your anxiety. I’ve been prescribed methotrexate which comes with its own concerns relating to possible side effects. I’m burying my head in the sand for next couple of weeks though as I’m going on holiday so was advised not to start treatment until I get back - so for now I shall continue to take anti inflammatory meds and pretend I don’t have RA 😂

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    Hi @GillW when you get back off holiday (hope you have a great time) you might find the following useful

    Need more help? - call our Helpline on0800 5200 520Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm

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    Has anyone ever had visual disturbances when taking methotrexate?

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    Hi I started Methotrexate in may. I was apprehensive too. I have been fine taking it. I take mine on a Thursday my chosen day, after my evening meal. I’m also still on steroids, but a low dose which I am reducing by 1mg each month. It’s always scary when they tell you about the side effects of these tablets. Just remember if the methotrexate don’t suit you, there will be other meds they can try.

    good luck😊