Horseback Riding (Halloween Costumes)

I was told horse riding may improve blood circulation so I decided to take up a new activity :) perhaps there are any horse riding enthusiasts? How's it going? our neighborhood also decided to throw a horse barn Halloween party, I'm thinking about a costume now, for me and for a 3-year-old bay horse I school with.. Guess the Headless Rider and the Dark Night is too obvious, looking for fun ideas!


  • noddingtonpete
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    How about Death though from Discworld Binky his horse is white, but it is Halloween after all

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  • frogmorton
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    Who else rides??

    @Lilymary I think she does.

    Normally for all things Halloween I would call on @Keef but he is struggling a bit ATM so it might be a while before he sees this I'm afriad.

    Great attitude @RyanRyan


  • RyanRyan
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    Didn't think about it.. will need much white paint though :)

  • RyanRyan
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    Just got inspired from, thinking of getting a Halloween-themed saddle pad and some Zelda-alike outfit with that silly green hat :P I guess I can get some green t-shirt and dress it up somehow plus the pants are not a problem. As for the boots, guess some old cowboy boots would look nice though

  • Lilymary
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    Sorry for the late reply, someone on an equine FB group I follow did the headless rider, it was hilarious! I hope you had fun. I've been out of the saddle for about 6 weeks after putting my back out, but I'm 2 yrs post hip surgery, still dealing with post op complications, and got back into riding about a year ago (with my surgeon's permission). Riding has been fantastic physical and mental therapy for me. I'm a truly terrible rider, but I love it. They frequently put me on the safest pony in the school - aka laziest - so I have to work him really hard even to get him to engage in a brisk walk! But I've learned to love him and call him my "physio pony", as I have to leg him on so hard all the time it's done wonders for my leg strength. So I don't roll my eyes at him any more, I just know even if he is going like a three legged donkey, at least I'm getting a good work out! Weather permitting I'm back in the saddle on Friday, there's fat lazy cob waiting to be irritated by me.

    I reckon if your body will allow you to do any particular exercise without significant pain or discomfort, go for it. Part of the battle with arthritis is keeping your spirits up, which also helps with pain management. When I got back into it post op and after a very long break for other reasons, I chose a stable that used to do Riding for the Disabled, as I reckoned they'd be used to wonky riders like me, and they've been fantastic, building me up slowly but keeping within my capabilities.

    @Lisbeth also rides, and @stickywicket also used to do so a while back. They may have some tips.