Is anyone else on Naproxen?

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  • Redlady07
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    Is anyone else on Naproxen? Have not seen it mentioned yet. I'm apparently on Omeprizole cuz of Naproxen and quite frankly I don't think its working! The Naproxen that is!

  • Hi @Redlady07

    I have been given Naproxen to take (as well as other tablets) but, to be honest, none of these help with the pain. I just try and keep my shoulder moving as much as possible.

    I must admit I am not a great lover of taking pills; I understand that they can be a necessity and sometimes they do help - I have just found over time that none that I have been prescribed have been all that effective.

    I hope that you find one that works for you


  • PeterJ
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  • I'm on naproxen ( & omniprazole as I am on naproxen and citalopram) as well as co-codamol. Its better than nothing but is a big help with my leg ulcer pain and heel pain currently. Helps a little bit with my osteoarthritis but not much. Anything is better than nothing though.

  • Fran54
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    Yes I take Naproxen along with Omeprazole ( helps to protect the stomach lining ). I find it does help as it helps ease the stiffness and aching so that I can do my physio exercises. I have heard that the longer you take a certain medication it can over time become less effective ( can anyone who is medically trained confirm this ? )

  • Brads27
    Brads27 Member Posts: 10

    I was on naproxen but had an heart attack so I can't take them anymore. Not the naproxen that caused the heart attack though

  • Regfish
    Regfish Member Posts: 3

    Yes I'm on omeprazole and Naproxen and now tramadol still not doing much, but without them I can't walk at all so I suppose it must be doing something!!

  • EHS
    EHS Member Posts: 4

    I have OA in my left hip (the right hip was replaced last year) I've been on Naproxen (& Omeprazole) on and off since 2019. For me, it seems to just take the edge off. Without Naproxen I wake up every time i turnover at night. Walking is also slightly less jarring.

    But my MIL didn't get on with it at all - varies for different people I guess.

  • Navyblue
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    I have a Naproxen prescription but only take it as and when required and it works well for me. Looking back though, I can now see that the issue in the past has probably been that my Methotrexate dose has not been high enough and when that’s been upped then I don’t get the pains in my ribs, back and shoulder. I also rarely take it as it leaves me constipated :( which is the last thing I need on top of everything else.

  • lyndab
    lyndab Member Posts: 7

    No it does not help at all, I got ringing in my ears I think it was naproxen which caused it