Toe Nails

I know this will seem trivial when I read of the pain that some of you are but:

Had left hip surgery 5 weeks ago today and am wondering when/how I can cut my toenails!

Also, what other folk felt they could do at this stage eg bending/lifting.

Ending with Positives: Am pain free, apart from aching muscles in hip at times. and walking without crutches. That is just amazing, in itself.

Negative: Still sleeping really, really badly. 4-5 hours per night, if I'm lucky. Clocks going back hasn't helped!


  • stickywicket
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    Not at all trivial @swimmer60 . It's very important not to dislocate our new joints by bending too far.

    Personally,, having RA virtually everywhere, it was never a problem for me after my THRs, having already been reliant on podiatrists for ywars. But Mr. SW struggled before and after his. At first he bought some long-handled clippers but, post-op, he went to the local podiatrist a couple of times.

    If in doubt I suggest you ask your physio.

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    Thank you.

  • Janlyn
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    @swimmer60 I agree you should ask about bending to cut your toenails but good to see you mention it. I am having (hopefully) my total left hip replacement four weeks tomorrow and I've been struggling to cut my left toe nails for some time now. I'd thought I'd just have to go for a pedicure or persuade my daughter-in-law to cut them.

    You sound to be doing well for five weeks - thank you for giving me hope. Good to hear you are pain-free apart from the aches, and walking without crutches sounds wonderful. I hope you manage to start to sleep better soon - sleeping well always makes the day easier doesn't it?

    Take care, Janet

  • swimmer60
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    Thank you, that's a lovely comment. Dreadful constant pain for two years, increasingly making "normal" activities like toe nail cutting, impossible, now no pain in that hip. You will be amazed!

    My daughter looked after me for a week after the op., and I did get her to trim the nails, felt quite weird though, role reversal and all that!

  • Janlyn
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    That’s so reassuring @swimmer60 thank you. And good to hear your daughter looked after you for a week.

    I agree role reversal feels weird. I’m trying to get used to the thought that family might enjoy the chance for role reversal? My mobility has become so bad I’ve apologised to my son for turning into an ‘old mother’ as I’ve always tried to remain active and useful to him. His response was humbling ‘he would rather have an old mother, than lose a young one’.

    Take care

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    @Janlyn I have two teenager sons and the recovery of my hips is going to be interesting. I'm more concerned about the coming back home from the surgery than the surgery.

  • Janlyn
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    Oh, I can understand, @Nurina I admit I’ve a plan B and plan C just in case ….wishing you all the very best.