Manager thinks she knows better than consultant!

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Hi again, my friends - I had to break the news to my manager last week that my consultant did not want to inject steroid into my hip again, but has instead done an athroscope in the beleif I need a new hip. She said she would have insisted he just give me an injection as she is only interested in me being back at work so that I can fit a new counter! Also she said the workplace provision the company doctor has recommended are unworkable as they need be to be on my feet all day, able to do the stairs etc.
I know she is trying to force me into just giving up job now - I was 50 on Friday & have heard something about retiring early for health reasons & would like to learn more about this as I feel I should at least get something back from all the years I have worked rather than sweet nothing!


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    Have you tried the CAB for some advice? Don't do anything till you have had some. As to your manager...... what can I say....... The woman just has no concept and I am sure you have the law on your side. I can only say I hope it ends up being ok for you and don't let them bully you. see if you can get your pension early, I got mine at 28 because they medically discharged me, all along they tried to get me to resign and had I done so then I'd have been very broke indeed. Take care and I do hope it all works out for you soon. Cris
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    Hello, I really sympathise with you. I am having to retire early as I have OA in in my spine and other places. I am a care assistant, so its not the sort of work that can really be done by someone with arthritis, but I must say I've no real complaints, well not many, about how I've been treated.

    Do get advice before doing anything rash. I have had to go through a long process to release my pension and its still not over yet. I know what you mean about just leaving, but that may effect your future benefits, so hold on. :? :) I hope all turns out well for you, Love Sue
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    Definitely don't make any decisions until you've spoken to CAB or a solicitor. Remember, you have the DDA on your side. I can't believe how badly some workplaces treat their employees.

    As for early pensions, you could start off by googling the phrase "early pensions UK". I love Google, it's my first port of call for anything! There will be some contact numbers on there for you to start off with, someone's bound to know something.

    Let us know how you get on. As for your manager, rise above it but make it clear you're holding off making a decision until you've sought further advice. That should let her know you're not a pushover

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    As others have said you are well covered by the DDA and I suggest your Manager starts reading up now. Who says they can't make the changes? Whoever it is ask for that in writing. Speak to CAB etc to get help. I can't answer about your pension but can only hope you are not considering this because of the horrendous treatment your Manager has given you. Your Employer where a Tribunal is concerned needs to show they went to the ends of the earth to find out if they couldn't make those changes and it doesn't even sound like they've done anything at all. Good luck x

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