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i have got a voice message on my phone tell ing me they have got a cleaning job advertised and would i be intrested , i am still covered with my dr s sicknote still waiting for mri results and cause of 3 injections , walk and stumble with a stick , been on the floor severel times where do i stand , pardon the pun when i cant do my own cleaning :?
I know i am a lady ,all life is a journey xx MAY xx


  • frogmorton
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    I am speechless :!: :!:
    what are you going to do?
    Toni x

    Toni xxx
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    Hi BB

    I would think that you either ignore the message, or phone and say that as they are well aware/or should be, you are still off sick covered by a certificate from your gp.

    I hope you are, but I don't suppose you are getting much in the way of payment whilst you are absent, so best keep the conversation as brief as possible,

    I really hope you feel better soon, you just don't need upsetting/annoying phone calls like that when you are unwell do you?

    Best wishes
    Elna x
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    Hi Bertyboy
    Oh dear, I'm speechless too !
    Ring them back so they can't say you refused anything but say you are still covered by your doctor's sick certificate so not available for work.
    You might want to tell them how appropriate you think this job offer is but I'll leave that to you !!
    Best wishes
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    I have a two week sick note and the collage left message on my answer phone saying could i go for a interview on thurday. My doctors note states i am in a flare due to change of meds and i fell down stairs. I ran collage and asked if they had got the note they said yes they knew i was ill and she asked if i would be back next tuesday when sick note end how do i know when my flare will end ?
    I find this very worrying. I dont think they understand what we go through. I am sorry to hear about your job it would be good if we both had a miracle cure. sorry to hyjack your rant. As vicor mildrew would say "I DONT BELIVE IT" ! all the best joanne
  • bertyboy
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    rant away my love , some of these people haven't got a clue ,i had my second interview with pathways to work yesterday told them how concerned i had been about the voice message on my phone , stating that if i could do a cleaning job i would be back at the job i have had to leave , well guess what they have not got it on record that i have been contacted :shock: :o so let her listen to the message ,just a dumb look appeared on her face and said i don't know then :?
    I know i am a lady ,all life is a journey xx MAY xx
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