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Oops - just spotted this intro forum, I've already posted a couple of times.

I'm 35, an engineering project manager, and an avid scuba diver.

I was diagnosed with OA in my right knee 10 years ago. This was following an operation to remove loose bodies (bone & cartiledge) from my knee when I was 17 due to osteo chondritis dissecans. Unfortunately it took 8 months to get the diagnosis. My brother had the same problem a few years before me and because they didnt beleive it was hereditary it seemed to count against me as my old GP refused to beleive I could have the same problem. I now have far more problems than my brother does.

I've spent the last 10 years ignoring the pain, but I cant do that any more - its hurting every day to walk the 300yds into work from the car park and I'm doing less & less and getting frustrated. I've just had my knee Xrayed again and last night my GP confirmed that I will need a TKR, but he's not in a hurry because my age will mean 2 revisions are likely to get me through.

That said, he is sympathic. I've been on codeine (co-dydramol) for the last three weeks which helps but I cant scuba dive using that (one of the few activities I can still do without pain - along with cycling). I'm now on diclofenac to see if that will work as I can dive on that. I'm waiting to be given a physio appt as the next step.

My GP also mentioned Birmingham knee resurfacing as a possible surgical option - I assume this is different to a partial knee replacement (which I thought was just one side rather than the both sidesin a TKR). But I cant find much information about it - just for hips. Can anyone point me in the direction of more info?

Many thanks in advance, it really helps to talk to others in the same boat.


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    Hi Mary

    It may be a good idea to post your question about the Birmingham knee resurfacing on the LWA forum because more people will view it there.

    I remember your name, having had a TKR myself a year or so ago.

    Best wishes,
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    hi and welcome!
    i have had a birmingham hip resurfacement but sadly i know nothing about the knee one, but yes posting on the living with forum should get you more help!

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