Hi Everyone

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Hi, I'm Debbie, 37 and recently diagnosed with RA and started Sulfasalazine a couple of months ago. Looking forward to chatting with people in the same boat as me! :D


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    hi, i'm 35 with ra, glad you have found this place!
    everyone is kind and supportive, so feel free to join in!!
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    Hi Debbie

    Welcome to the site! :D You have most certainly found the right place to meet peeps in the same boat as you. Please call into the other forums. We all help each other as and when we can and offer loads of support.

    look forward to hearing more from you,

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    Hello Debbie

    I am also 37, have had RA for over ten years and still here. Sulphazalzine was helpful for me infact it put me in remission for a few years but came back with a bang so I hope it helps you. One thing for sulpha, you become photo sensitive so be careful in the sun!! If there was any around of course!! :)

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    Thank you all for the warm welcome, I can see this place is going to be invaluable to me - always helps to hear others experiences and also helps to put things into perspective. Thanks again. :D
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    Lol, thanks Jan! :D