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hi i have just moved from one area to another across the country so needed a new rhumatologist. I have got it into place,but needed more injections before my appointment so have arranged with the nurse for some. In this area they use metoject, before i was using preloaded syringes and putting needles on myself. When mentioned this to the nurse she said that that type of methotrexate was unlicenced and they may have been using it because it was cheaper. This worried me to think i have been using a unlicenced drug. Does anyone know about this and is it something to worry about. Thanks for your thoughts


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    Hi, I used to use the preloaded syringes and put the needle on, I think that was how they used to do it, mine came from a company that used to deliver them to my home, so I think it must have been ok, the new MXT injections are smaller and more concentrated, if you have any worries you should check with your Rheumy nurse, hope this helps love Jaspercatxx
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    normie, i also used the older sytle injections upto 7 weeks ago when they started to use the new metoject ones.
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    I think they just changed the supplier or something.I was told that the preloaded injections were being changed at any time soon but they couldnt tell when.I am in Hillingdon area.

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