After THR - any handy hints?

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Hello everyone - I'm new to this and to my hip which I got just 2 months ago and I'm hoping some of you with experience can give me some advice.
Recovery has gone well, but my consultant says that the one thing I must never do, ever again, is bend the leg more than 90 degrees. I'm trying to figure out what this means in terms of everyday activities.
For instance, how can I cut my toenails or tie shoelaces? What about gardening? Can I kneel on the floor to play with my grandchildren? And of course, what's the best way to have sex?!
Any tips will be most welcome.


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    I had my THR in July so feel qualified to answer this.No you shouldnt bend down with your hand past your knee so def no shoelaces or picking up from floor(use your grab stick).Do not sit on low chairs which means you are sitting at 90 degrees.Use a cushion to raise you.You risk dislocation if you do.Having said that I always picked up off the floot,bent down to pull trousers etc up.After 12 weeks you should be allowed to do these things unless advised otherwise.
    Sex should be less painful with a bit more flexibility but unfortunately not too easy!Still having problems with that one!

    Take care Tkachev
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    I agree you should abide by your own doctor he knows you best.. but I have to say after my THR 5yrs ago I now manage to do all the things they said I wouldn't be able to , I kneel with difficulty , but I can cut my toenails, bend to pick up off the floor put on my own socks, and sit in low chairs, I have worked hard at getting my muscles , tendons etc back to a good state by walking and excercising and these work to keep the joint stable enough to do those things... give it lots of time and your body will tell when you are pushing it too far... take care of your new hip and it should last a good long while..
    Isn't it just marvellous not to have the pain anymore?......
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    I ahd my THR in February and adhered to the 90 degree rule for the first 12 weeks. Since my review at 12 weeks I was given the ok to use normal chairs, loos, etc... I went back to work as a health visitor 4 months post op, and am driving, kneeling (with care), I can tie shoes, put socks on (not as easy as I hoped but not painful) etc..
    As for sex, I can honestly say it is back to normal!! :oops: It took a bit more thought and `positioning` initially, but my new hip is ok now. My other hip aches at times , but I am seeing someone about that one.
    Check with your surgeon at your 12 week review, but I wuld keep to the restrictions til then.
    Good luck, and if you need to ask anything more I`ll try to help if I can!!
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    Hi, i had my hip replaced 11 weeks ago and am still struggling especially with socks and now im back at work tights !!!

    I dont have an appointment until the end of november but am sitting ok on chairs (although not over low) and toilets. IT's just any area below the knee i cant reach - shaving legs without reducing them to shreds is a real problem for me, any hints would be great!!

    Good luck with your recovery
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    Hello there
    Thanks for all your replies. I haven't been told not to reach below knee level, only the 90 degree rule forever, which still leaves me wondering how to get to deal with feet.

    I had an appointment at 6 weeks and will not see the consultant again for a year! Although I can't fault the treatment I received while in hospital (at Bradford Royal Infirmary), I thought the post-op meeting less good. Appointments were scheduled at 5 minute intervals and ran over an hour late. There was no physical examination, I was just asked how I was getting on. To be fair, I was given time to ask questions, but I've thought of more since.

    I've booked a pedicure at my local college (where I'm a student) to deal with the toe nail problem. As for shaving, I have a nice razor with inbuilt soap which makes things a bit easier. Don't know the make but it's called 'Intuition'.

    Glad to hear you're all doing well with new hips. How long did it take to come off walking aids? I'm off crutches and down to one stick but still feel wobbly putting full weight on the operated leg.

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