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Hi everyone hope your all well! :)

Just after a bit of advice. Ive been to the hospital today after having alot of stiffness etc and the doc has put me on (its a long one! lol) hydroxychloroquine sulphate.

Has anyone else had this and if so any benefits/side effects?


  • debatat
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    Hi Laura, I take this (plaquenil also known as). It has reduced my fatigue. I have been on it since Jan.

    You should have an eye test before taking it. And then one yearly. I take mine in the evening with dinner to minimise side effects and it has worked. I had a few headaches to start with but they disappeared as I got used to it.

    Hope it works for you.

    DEb x
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    Thanks Deb :)
  • jaspercat
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    Hi Laura, I was on this drug for about 2 years, I had no side effects at all, but it didn't do anything at all for me, but make sure you have your eyes tested regularily while on it, it can affect your eyes, ideally you are supposed to have an eye test before you start, but I wasn't told love jaspercatxx
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    I was told it was a drug for malaria.I have been taking it for a few years but I dont think it made a difference.I am still on it despite this.Hope it helps you....
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    Thanks everyone. Had a look around about the med and not many people seem to rate it but i suppose everyone is different so i'll give it a good try!

    Wondered if anyone knew if i can take diclofenic while im on this? Forgot to ask the doc! :roll:
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    Hi lauramuk,

    My Mum's been on this for about 3-4 years. She says she hasn't had any side effects but it took a long time to work. She does feel better but she says it took a good 12 months for the drug to start working for her.

    Hope it helps you.


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