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Lucy is due to start oral MTX and i was wondering what to expect.
I have read some information about it, and understand that different people have different reactions, but i was wondering what the majority of you found the side affects were, and any tips on how to deal with them???
Sorry i am new to all of this, i have always taken medication, from a young age, but have never had to live with the side affects in a child.
please help, any advice will be greatly recieved x x x x :lol:


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    Kayleigh has been on mtx for 2 weeks, but she is having injections they have bypassed oral for 2 reasons. First she is in bad shape and they think this will work better and quicker and second because she aleady gets stomach aches from ibuprofen and is in omeprazole and dr has written out a script for something else to help her go for a poo. Poor girl. Is starting to take a lot of side effect medicines :(

    I hope she doesn't get any side effects from this medicine but our dr said the 3-4 weeks it says on the leaflet is highly optamistic and we're looking at 8 weeks for it to kick in I hope not as surely that's a very long time to wait to see if a medicine will actually work

    have you been told that she will need monthly blood tests while on this medicine? We were also told if she did get a belly ache then she would be given colic acid :o

    When does she start this medicine? Hugs hope it all goes well.
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    HI they have said that lucy needs 2 weekly blood tests and will need folic acid three days after every dose to combat some of the sife affects and because the medicine reduces the intake of folic acid.
    They told us to look out for colds etc, as it will make her prone to them, but asside from that nothing has been said.
    The reason they are giving Lucy it orally to begin with is because, in our area, the rules and management of the condition is changing, so for the moment they are giving all children it orally, i think it is to reduce the staff contact, e.g. nurses coming inot the comunity to give he it, untill they have re- structures!!!
    The cons ensured me that it should make little difference as they have compensated by giving a stronger dose!!!
    Lucy is set to start Friday night.
    I hope all goes well yur end!!!!
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    I know it scary for all this to be happening such a strong drug for a tiny person but if it helps we have to try these things.
    My daughter was on tablets for over a year and other than the getting them in to her ( i mixed with undiluted ribena just enough to cover the tablets and disolve them) we had no problems as for cold etc every kid gets them granted our kids will get them more but again another bridge to cross.
    My daughter has gone on to injections now which I give to her weekly she was sick at first but since hardly and side effects.
    Hope this helps anything else just give us a shout and we will try to help xx
    big hugs and good luck for 2moro