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    bellini wrote:
    angel1 wrote:
    Welcome to the forum Bellini - lovely drink that!!

    Hi thanks for message, I'm intrigued - what kind of drink is Bellini, sounds like a really nice white Italian wine. Hope you are well, keep warm.


    Actually Cassie, it`s champagne, and peach juice.......gorgeous! Hope you are not too cold up there in the frozen North. I`m in Lancashire, and it`s cold, but sunny, lots of signs of Spring around......Ange.
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    Ooops, have I missed you out somehow? Haven't been at my best for the last week or so, and if I have forgotten to greet you I will slap my own wrist.

    Welcome here, come in and join in. I see you are near Edinburgh - beautiful place, but every time I go there it'll be all right, not going there in the near future. I'm in SE England, buy the way.

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    This site is better than any injection or pill a doc can give as it gives you hope, encouragement, laughter, wise words of wisdom, a cyber shoulder to cry on when things get tough from loads of others who are experiancing the same as you. :D
    Word of warning it is addictive as you will not get enough of this site :!: and yes there is withdrawl symtoms they soon pass tho when you go back on line.
    The site will have you rolling round doubled up in your seat crying with laughter :lol: you will be moved :cry: it is intellectual : :idea: shocking :shock: its cool 8) embarresing :oops: loads of fun :P quizzes jokes et welcome to the site from joanne