cold weather

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hello just wondering if we are all the same i find the cold weather really anoys my oa in my knees to me heat is really the answer gone are the days of waring shorts now. :(
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    Totally agree, those wheatbags you heat up in the microwave are wonderful - would not be without mine, nor my electric blanket :lol:

    You will get receive more replies and get to know more of us, if you post on the Living with Arthritis forum zone because this is more of an introductory, say hello zone. Not so many members call in here. It is all happening on the Chitchat and Living with arthritis zones. :lol::D

    Please do join us on the other zones, :)

    Elna x
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    Hi Only,

    Don't think we've met so WELCOME from me :)

    Yes I find the cold really aggravates the RA. Im dreading the gas bill as I have had it on constantly.

    Hope to see you posting in other forums too.

    Take care and lets hope the warmer weather comes along soon. x

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    Hi only
    Welcome if you have just joined....I agree with Elna the wheat bags are wounderful...I have 3, they get used everynight .
    You take care
    Barbara x
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    Hi Only

    First of all welcome.

    The wheatbags are so helpfull, I have onlu just tried them but they are very good. I would not be without them.

    Trisher xx
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    Hi Only

    Oh yes the cold weather is bad for me, and even more so if its cold and raining :(