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Thanks for all the support and advice last month when I was diagnosed with OA in my wrist.

It seems to be spreading to my other wrist now :(

On a more positive note - I got in touch with my HA. I already have leaver taps in my kitchen and they have agreed to install them in my bathroom, didn't need any kind of assesment done, quite surprised, they are coming on March 8th

Been back to see my Doc. She seemed much more supportive this time. Is refering me to physio to look at excersises to hopefully stop my oa getting worse and to look at splints and possibly accupuncture. Told me to carry on taking nurophen when needed but prescribed me co-drydomol for when it sometimes gets really bad at night!

So, thanks again for the support and for sharing your stories, it really is helpful :D


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    Hi Rosebud

    So pleased to hear that you feel you are getting the help that you need now although I am sorry to hear that your other wrist is beginning to become affected too. It does make all the difference, doesn't it to feel "cared for" by the medics? You are always welcome here too and do call in as often as you wish.

    Elna x
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    Hi Rosebud

    Well done.

    You must be feeling so much better now - you have a plan :) That always helps doens't it?

    You take care


    Toni xx
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    Cheers folks. Yeah it does help to feel you are being taken more seriously.

    To any other newbies reading, if you feel fobbed off by your Doc, persist, go back until they listen. If not find another Doc who will!

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