how is the weather with everyone

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how the weather today with everyone today ? snow snow snow and more snow here :(

schools are shutting and so the kids are happy :lol:

i wonder where spring going to happen :)

down south where i am from they got no snow just rain lucky people


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    Hi only49 I would love to loads of snow here, it covers up all the rubbish etc and makes the world seem more wild than it normally is,
    the last time it did I went up over the back fields here with the wife and our two dogs, it was bitter and so cold you could see snow diamonds in the wind, the sun was setting and it look beautiful, the dogs loved it, my knees survived and we had a big log fire burning at home, all the traffic stopped so no constant road noise, no one about.
    Now it's just grey and damp here, and the roads are all now falling apart, you can see all the plastic and costa coffee cups thrown out of car windows as the drive past our village and we have 24 hour road noise again.
    Humans will only be remembered for the plastic rubbish they dump everywhere.
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    you lucky things, we are all getting fed up with this weather, :wink:
    i dont know what's wrong with people today why dont they take there rubbish home with them, i would post some snowy pictures here
    but not sure if i would be allowed to do that, i been taking photos of the snow so i can remind my self what it can be like.
    anyway nothing for it but to keep in and stay warm and read the papers or surf the net :):)
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    We are fine here with temps of 8 degrees. I gather there is rain on the way. We are in the middle of rain in the south and horrible deep snow and drifts in Scotland. For all those up there, good luck, especially with the electricity being off for thousands
    And you in the south with the possibility of more floods. I do hope it wont be as bad as they say.
    It must be worrying for all of you so just to say i am thinking of you all.
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    delboy wrote:

    same here :roll:
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    fog fog fog fog and more fog but at least its not snowing yet!
    julie :cry:
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    bertyboy wrote:
    delboy wrote:

    same here :roll:

    and here! Far too much of it as well.....
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    Me too

    lotsa rain s010.gif


    Toni xx

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